Bernie Sanders: The First Choice of Radical Democrats in the House

To no one’s surprise, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib will throw their collective endorsement power behind democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primaries, once again proving that radical kooks of a feather will flock together. According to CNN, sources close to the so-called Squad have confirmed that the three freshmen lawmakers will lend Sanders whatever popular support they have to give.

“The backing of three of the four Squad members is a welcome boost for the Sanders campaign, which has gone to great lengths to win over voters of color and create the kind of diverse coalition that mostly eluded it in 2016,” CNN reported. “Whether their support will sway progressive voters, who according to recent polls have been drifting toward Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, is less clear.”

Well, we’d say the question of whether these endorsements will mean anything to “voters of color” is also unclear. Ocasio-Cortez and her Squadmates have plenty of popularity online, but we’ve yet to see any proof that they connect with the Southern black voters that Sanders needs to wrest away from Joe Biden. Nor have we seen proof that these three women are anything other than political poison in a general election scenario.

Still, CNN is right about saying that the Sanders campaign is excited about the endorsements.

“When Bernie talks about a Green New Deal, Bernie talks about Medicare for all, Alexandria has also been out front on those issues,” said Sanders campaign chief of staff Ari Rabin-Havt. “And I think that ideological linkage is what brings them together, and what makes her support so powerful for our campaign is that it’s not about personality. It’s not about ‘I just like the guy,’ it’s they believe in the movement and a movement for change in this country that they both want to build.”

The idea that Ocasio-Cortez’s popularity, such that it is, is rooted in anything other than personality is pretty hilarious. That’s literally all she is. When you strip that away, you’re just left with a mediocre pile of bad ideas and low IQ. And don’t even get us started on Omar and Tlaib, who don’t even seem to have that.

“Between his stellar performance at the debate tonight and AOC’s pending endorsement,” tweeted Al Jazeera journalist Sana Saeed, “this is a huge moment and Sanders cannot, and should not, be ignored any longer by those who continue to erase him, his candidacy, and his supporters.”

Oh, we’re sure that these endorsements will get Bernie some press, but we’re not sure they will translate to a polling bump. If anything, Elizabeth Warren should be breathing a sigh of relief. Being removed from the stigma of these women makes her seem like a halfway normal candidate by comparison. Then again, the idea that Democrat voters see presidential material anywhere in this field makes this a pretty tough race to predict.

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