Beto O’Rourke Suggests Donald Trump Might Not Actually Be President

Beto O’Rourke, who recently supported Stacey Abrams’ ridiculous crusade to convince Americans that she was robbed of the Georgia gubernatorial win, apparently has an insatiable appetite for electoral conspiracy theories. On MSNBC this weekend, O’Rourke suggested that Donald Trump might not be the legitimate president of the United States because Russians may have hacked into the voting systems and changed the tallies. Just to be clear, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that such a thing happened.

Host Joy Reid asked O’Rourke if the news that Russian hackers tried to access election systems in Florida gave him any doubts about the validity of the 2016 outcome.

“Do you have confidence that the 2016 election was not impacted, in terms of not just the use of propaganda on American voters but literally that the electoral systems weren’t breached and Donald Trump was elected fairly?” Reid asked.

“I don’t have complete confidence,” O’Rourke answered. “In part because of what you’ve just shared about Florida, in part because we know from other secretaries of state in other states in the union that their systems were breached. We don’t know if vote tallies were changed, but that alone should be cause for concern.”

This is unacceptable. Yes, we now have evidence, apparently, that hackers tried to gain access to polling data – possibly including voter rolls – in a couple of Florida counties. That is a far, FAR cry from insinuating that those hackers had either the ability or the opportunity to change vote totals. It is highly irresponsible for someone in O’Rourke’s position to cast this kind of reckless doubt on the validity of the election, and it should disqualify him from seeking the presidency.

O’Rourke continued proving to Reid and the rest of America that he’s less interested in reality than he is in those hoary old Russian conspiracy theories.

“When you add to that, that one of the first phone calls this president made after the Mueller report was released, was to Vladimir Putin, to whom he described the Mueller report as a hoax, that is a green light,” said O’Rourke. “An open invitation for Russia to continue to involve themselves in our election.”

On a roll, Beto said that Trump would “stop at nothing, including involving foreign powers in our democracy” to win the 2020 election.

“If ever we needed Congress to stand up and protect all of us, it is now,” O’Rourke said. “Because the chief executive has failed to do that, and in fact invites further harm going forward.”

Democrats are going to go absolutely bananas if Trump wins again next year. Make no mistake, it is they – not Trump – who are laying the groundwork to question the legitimacy of the results next November. And if their guy should lose, they’re going to make the chaotic claims about 2016 look like a minor fuss about an overcooked dinner by comparison.

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