Biden Crosses Line: Politically Divisive Around Troops


President Joe Biden broke his promise to “never politicize” the United States military after delivering a highly partisan prime time speech Thursday night, attacking Republicans with two Marines sentries clearly flanking him in the background.

Biden had promised during his first visit to the Pentagon as president, “I will never dishonor you. I will never disrespect you. I will never politicize the work you do.”

Yet, as the president delivered his speech attacking the opposition political party, the sight of two Marine sentries positioned in the backdrop behind him drew criticism from Republican officials, conservative pundits, Marine veterans, but also from mainstream media journalists.

Their views were quickly aired on social media.

Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears, a Marine veteran, tweeted, “Why were U.S. Marines used as a POLITICAL backdrop, by their Commander-in-Chief, during a disunity speech? Everyone should be concerned.”

Max Miller, a Marine reservist and U.S. House candidate for Ohio, tweeted: “Using the United States Marine Corps as props in a political speech of this nature is truly abhorrent.”

Rep. Darrell Issa (CA) tweeted: “The only thing worse than Biden’s speech trashing his fellow citizens is wrapping himself in our flag and Marines to do it.”

Breitbart News’ Joel Pollak recalled how Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley apologized for appearing with then-President Donald Trump, in a walk across Lafayette Square the day after the White House was almost overrun, arguing it had involved the military in politics.

“My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics,” Milley had said.

Pollak tweeted: “Hey, where’s Joint Chiefs @thejointstaff Chairman General Mark Milley complaining about the politicization of the military? Can we expect to see a parade of military officials denouncing Biden for abusing the Marines for a political speech? Or is that just when Trump stops riots?”

Conservative commentator Tim Young tweeted: “I thought the military wasn’t supposed to be political… positioning marines behind Biden when he said his political opponents were a threat to the nation was… tin pot, third world dictator shit.”

But even CNN journalists raised their eyebrows at Biden’s use of Marines in the background.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar, a military spouse, tweeted, “Whatever you think of this speech the military is supposed to be apolitical. Positioning Marines in uniform behind President Biden for a political speech flies in the face of that.”

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny called it “a break with White House traditions.”

Breitbart News has reached out to the Marine Corps and the office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for comment on Marines being present during Biden’s partisan speech.

Biden has also repeatedly threatened military force against Americans who support owning AR-15s, as Breitbart News’ AWR Hawkins has recently reported.

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  1. Anonymous says


  2. Les White says

    Hey Joe, youre still not getting my Ar15’s. ETADIC FJB

  3. Deborah says

    What we have in the White House is an angry, dangerous, incompetent, and evil walking corpse. Most pictures have him screaming at the audience reminiscent of a Hitler speech. He’s a disgrace to this country, the worst “president” in American history. We can only hope that the dementia picks up speed and he gets put away, and that November puts this country back on track.

  4. dean alden morse says

    There was not a word spoken by Biden at his visit that was not 100% true, facts are not politics. Biden speaks the truth, where Trump lies when ever he opens his mouth. This should not offend anyone and it should allow our citizens to rest easy that we now have at least one sane POTUS to look out for our nation of democracy, freedom and equality for all, unlike the divisive bigoted administration of Trump and his criminal cronies. Remember those guys he pardoned? All lying crooks.

    1. DeDeFlyover says

      Because you or Mushbrain thinks what he said are “facts” don’t make them facts.

    2. Ed says

      I think you are slightly confused. Have you ever heard of LYING JOE BIDEN???
      Look it up, it’s a fact.
      He is constantly lying and you are oblivious to facts and you twist the facts, like a typical DemocRAT!
      Sad and pathetic is what people like you are!

  5. Shane says

    Dean, you truly are in never never land in your head. I am a Marine, 83- 87. And I am completely disgusted by what this evil moron did. His track record of 50 years is nothing but lies, plagiarism and racism. These are facts that have been documented in writing and caught on video. The Dems have tried to find Trump guilty of many things but have never succeeded because it’s all smoke and mirrors that doesn’t stick and disappears like vapors because it’s all made up. Look at both mens track records as potus and the facts speak for themselves.

    1. Bill Suphan says

      Comparing Trump and Biden I note that Trump gave his presidential salary to veterans causes while Biden pocketed his to the best of my knowledge. Trump made his money in the business world and Biden made his from the public trough as a politician and actually ‘supplemented’ his income from Chinese and other foreign deals that was OK’d by their governments. Now, which president would appear to have America’s best interests at heart ?

  6. Jerry says

    There is no hope for Dean. His brain has been destroyed.

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