Biden in Nevada: Deportations Will End if I’m Elected President

Former Vice President Joe Biden has (unsuccessfully) positioned himself as the “moderate” Democrat who is electable enough to defeat President Donald Trump in November, but a close listen to his rhetoric on immigration shows him to be as radical as any of the rest.

At a town hall event in Reno, Nevada this week, Biden was asked what his administration would do to “help the little children that are in the cages down on the border.” Eager to distance himself from the fact that Obama also put “kids in cages” at the border, Biden unleashed his plan to effectively put an end to U.S. immigration enforcement.

“That’s not who we are,” Biden said of the border detentions. “Number one, no child period will be held in a cage, period, period, period. For me, immigration is all about family. All about family reunification. Nobody will be deported who is here, in fact, unless they are in a position of having committed a felony while here or they engaged in a major felony we find out about. We’re not going to be standing outside of mass, we’re not going to be standing outside of doctor’s offices, we’re not going to be standing outside and anxiety causing.”

Ending deportations for any illegal alien who hasn’t been convicted of a felony (and Biden is on record saying that a DUI offense would not qualify) is a disastrous policy that would lead to another inevitable surge at the border. The message is clear: If you come here illegally and keep out of (major) trouble, you’re good to stay for as long as you want. Take our jobs, use our welfare, and have as many kids as you like. We’re not going to do a damn thing about it.

What could go wrong?

But if a blanket promise of no deportations isn’t enough to put the caravans in motion, Biden put the cherry on top with a plan to provide every illegal alien in the country with amnesty.

“Look, here’s the deal, think about this: One of the things I’m going to do, and begin to implement it between now and the time that I get sworn in – we have now 24 out of every 100 students in school today is a Latino — 24 out of 100. Twenty-four,” he said. “We’re in a situation as well where we find that we have a population of people who have been here, over 11 million people, and they’re not all Latino, they’re Asian, they’re African, across the board. And in fact, I’m going to lay down a detailed pathway to citizenship that’s earned and make sure that everybody is able to get into that pathway.

“Once again, legalize all the DACA students,” he continued. “These DACA students are more American than most Americans are. No, I’m serious. Think about it. They come along when they’re eight-years-old and their mom says they’re crossing the … they don’t know where they’re from. They’ve been good, decent citizens and they’re great additions. By the way you know why our Social Security system is still solvent? Because of immigration. They didn’t cost us anything, they’re paying for it.”

Biden said that he would make his campaign a “no malarkey” zone, but we’ve never heard a bigger pile of BS in our lives. Illegal immigrants COST American taxpayers billions of dollars a year. You can’t just play three card monte with the money and then claim that illegal aliens are keeping our government programs alive.

Luckily, judging by the polls and the results in Iowa and New Hampshire, there’s very little chance that Joe Biden will ever have an opportunity to implement these terrible ideas.

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