Biden May Be Planning to Join a UN Agency That Supports Iran and North Korea


Just whose side is President Joe Biden on?

There are reports that Biden is considering rejoining a UN agency that supports the nuclear ambitions of US enemies such as Iran and North Korea! 

Fox News is reporting that “UN insiders” are warning that the Biden administration might be seeking to rejoin a controversial UN agency based in the same Vienna, the sight of recent discussions on the Iran nuclear deal.

The agency, The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), has been accused of helping US enemies through the transfer of dual-use technology that observers say has helped the likes of Iran and North Korea in developing their nuclear programs.

The US quit the agency over 20 years ago, citing it as not being fit for any useful purpose, but recent rumblings of a US return has some diplomats scratching their heads. A former Ambassador who has accreditation in all international organizations in Vienna, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “Diplomatic circles in Vienna are abuzz about the possible return of the US to UNIDO.”

The anonymous former ambassador said, “it’s believed the amount of money owed in accrued arrears would be US$ 1B, given that when the US left in 1996, it did so without paying its $100-million in dues.”  

The diplomat recommended that with the installation of a new US Ambassador to Vienna dealing with international organizations, Laura Holgate, should “request the personnel list of UNIDO, which has about 1800 consultants, including those hired without a transparent and competitive process and working remotely from their home countries. It is long overdue to comprehensively investigate and publish why UNIDO, which is considered both marginal and useless by the Anglosphere states, should employ 1800 permanent consultants, apart from the 650 permanent staff?”

Despite the controversy, the UN Mission to Vienna recently praised UNIDO in a Tweet, also noting that while not a member, the US has given millions of dollars to the divisive organization since 2012, which came through the US Agency for International Aid (USAID).

Fox News confirmed the veracity of that dollar amount with USAID; however, the spokesman for the organization would not directly answer questions about sharing dual-use technologies with US foes like Iran and North Korea by UNIDO. 

The potential US return to UNIDO sparked sharp criticism from President Trump’s former US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, and additional UN and national security experts.

Bolton told Fox News, “The US withdrew from UNIDO, as did a number of other developed countries because UNIDO was widely viewed as ineffective. Nothing has changed that warrants reversing the US decision.”

Brett D. Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation, and a leading expert on UNIDO, told Fox News, “As the US concluded in the 1990s when it withdrew, UNIDO does not have a clear purpose and does not contribute to US foreign policy, economic, or development interests.”

Schaefer added that the Biden administration could be in violation of US law if it rejoins UNIDO. 

“In 2018, the Palestinians joined UNIDO as full members. Under US law, UN specialized agencies that admit the PLO as a member are prohibited from receiving US funding,” Schaefer said. “If the US has provided funding since 2018, I believe that would violate the law.” 

  1. Gail McFadden says

    This information MUST be made public to all Americans so they can see for themselves just how hypocritical the Biden administration really is. They would see the American soul to our enemies and think nothing of it.

  2. mike says

    I bet obummy is pulling LGB strings, If he is he should be charged with treason and hung. That one hates America and turned it upside down for four years

  3. mike says

    I meant eight years

  4. Fighter for freedom says

    Thé many subcommittees formed under the UN, IMF, World Bank do not gave sovereign nation interest in mind; purely international corporate and/or state run entities are its only concern which further strengthens globalist domination. In fact, the 1800 consultants are a result of the decimation of individual sovereign nations as a result of globalist objectives which have no concern for international borders but only leveraging resources from everywhere using private funded capital allowing globalists to force politicians to heed to their power; this has stripped the vitality of a sovereign nation to attempt to take care of itself as opposed to depending upon the 1 or 2 resources the respective sovereign nation has to contribute to the globalist network that supplies necessary goods & services and turns a once sovereign nation into an entity dependent upon whether tge globalist network continues to obtain the respective resource from that particular sovereign nation; once dependent on this one trick pony, the sovereign state is compromised resulting in unequal distribution of opportunity for prosperity. This unemployable 1800 consultants that will say & do what they are told to do by the globalists or risk losing the job and then the unemployed consultant is no better off and is subject to the same unequal distribution of opportunity that the consultants fellow citizens live under due to the same globalists creating nation dependency upon the commerce generated by the 1 or 2 resources the globalists have arranged to be of importance to the globalist network

  5. David says

    You have to give old sleepy joe credit. He keeps finding places that have potential income possibilities for his family.

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