Biden Spends a Half Million on Personal “Wall”


President Joe Biden is spending nearly half a million dollars in American taxpayer money to build a security fence around his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

In September 2021, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded a federal contract to a Delaware construction company to construct the fence around Biden’s multi-million dollar beach house. The initial contract planned to spend more than $456,000 on the project.

Now, the project has been increased to cost taxpayers nearly $500,000 and is expected to be finished by June 2023.

The construction of a security fence around Biden’s beach house comes as his DHS has canceled contracts to continue building border wall along the highly porous United States-Mexico border, rendering some parts of the barrier useless.

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In July, nearly 182,000 border crossers were apprehended along the southern border. Since Biden’s taking office, nearly 4.9 million border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived at the nation’s borders, a recent analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates.

Only recently, DHS officials announced that they would close holes in sections of the border wall in the Yuma, Arizona, sector. Biden has reallocated billions in taxpayer money away from border wall construction to “environmental restoration” projects.

Exclusive footage captured by Breitbart News in San Diego, California, months ago shows large holes in the border wall — aiding the Mexican drug cartel’s billion-dollar human smuggling and drug trafficking enterprise.

“The materials for the border wall are literally rusting away in southern California,” a source told Breitbart News. The source also noted that about eight miles of California’s border with Mexico remain wide open with no barriers.

In March of 2021, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Biden had been spending about $6 million every day in taxpayer money to halt wall construction. By July, Biden had spent $2 billion to not build the wall, with costs amounting to about $3 million in taxpayer money wasted every day.

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  1. Leslie says

    MOST CORRUPT & WORTHLESS ADMINISTRATION EVER! (Obiden’s been @ it for 40++ years)
    Shows that WE THE PEOPLE, OUR REPUBLIC, mean nothing to these lying, thieves, who are only concerned with their own greedy agendas all at the peoples expense!

    Think just for a minute—-‘end fossil fuel’ yet where ever he goes @ least 8 Suburbans go! Fly Airforce 1 for family vacations! When will all these congress people, multiple aides, etc. get EV’s? Stop flying everywhere? Waste of fuel, carbon output, all paid for by taxpayers!
    Administration should lead by example???

    1. Anonymous says

      I don’t think so. trump is the most despicable human being ever. He’s divided our country, and is trying to undue our democracy. He really is doing putin’s bidding, he has no choice because he is compromised.

      1. Anonymous says

        Just wanted to let you know what a big asshole you are… you must be related to Biden you dumb mother Fr

    2. Bettye Scott says

      You are so right. OBiden and his administration are the most corrupt and evil group to ever serve. They have destroyed our great nation, which is now so weak that we could not start to defend ourselves. We are dependent on other countries for fuel/oil, medicines, computer chips, clothing and just about everything needed for general living. We should never do this. Biden has sold this country out to China and will let them have whatever they demand while his family and especially Hunter bring in the $$$$$$’s. We had a great and thriving country under President Trump and now we are becoming a 3rd world Marxist country and losing ever amendment freedom we have. Impeach this treasonous and demented so-called president.

  2. Josette says

    So America does not get a Wall to close our Borders and protect Americans from the invasion brought on by biden.. The Supreme Court Justices don’t get rioters moved away from their homes and are left to pray no one tries to kill one AGAIN, but the senile prez spends OUR money to build a wall around his home that cost a half million dollars. Biden loves spending OUR money for useless things that do absolutely NOTHING to help Americans. 2024 seems like a really long time to come.

  3. John says

    Anonymous for an obvious reason.

  4. Gerry says

    And nobody id doing 1 stinking thing to prevent him from using our money for his personal safety — BS BS !!!! Everyone in government, EVERY member of the gop should be throwing chairs tables and whatever else they can lift. This is dictatorship NOT a republic !!!!!!!!

  5. Shawn says

    200k people coming across our border from 150 different countries. 9-11 wasn’t that long ago. Traitorous. DOJ is supposed to protect America.

    1. Leslie says

      I forgot about all the criminals the liberals have released from prison, as well as illegals, that must be who he wants to keep out! And we mustn’t forget Obama’s 3 wall protected mansions. Big walls around property in CA, Martha’s Vinyard, and he’s almost finished with big wall around property in Hawaii!
      Must be nice to think you are protected from all the problems you’ve caused!

  6. 1947 says

    I thought that less than 3 years ago Democrats were screaming from the rafters that Walls did NOT work and it was a waste of taxpayer money. Oh that’s right, when it comes time for their walls the rules change.

  7. 1947 says

    “In July, nearly 182,000 border crossers were apprehended along the southern border. ” I wonder how many have crossed over onto his beachfront property in that same time period.

  8. Paul Fouche says

    Why do you have a wall built around your vacation home? Yet you stopped the building of wall at our southern border. Huge crowds have come cross the border during your 2.5 years in office. You have been the most disappointing president in our history with no respect for the people across America. I sincerely hope you do not plan to run for another 4 years as president. God has followed your every move. You will pay the price on Judgement Day!

  9. Enell says

    As head of this country, and with recent Jan 6 attack on federal property, most recent and suspicious situations at FBI offices, shootings at grocery store/schools/parade, etc, it is very wise for a U.S. President to have a protective wall in these unscrupulous and unlawful times in this country. By the way, what is the cost paid to protect the most recent former president for 4 years & now, without all the chaos started during his term in office?

    Please include the various family members who also received daily protection. And, add cost of jet fuel, security, etc for request rallies, golfing, etc. Plus, add in the amount of COVID relief funds used by the most recent past 4 year presidency and his family members.

    You see, costs are piling way beyond the Half Million Dollars. Get It. Let’s call these things as they are or were and stop the nitpicking. Costs for a wall here is all relative to other costs and expenditures by former presidents. Start adding up how much money was really spent and taken by former presidents. Then, retell this story.

  10. Enell says

    After the January 6 terroristic, unconstitutional, unpatriotic and illegal insurrection at our beautiful federal building, along with a verbal chant & threat to our democratically elected Vice President, Mike Pence, I agree that Joe Biden should have as much protection as needed or required. This includes the need for a protective wall around his residential properties.

    During January 6, fellow Americans were injured and some died. And, sadly, it was due to misinformation and untruths. There are too many unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal and down right un-American things being carried out by Americans against their own country and fellow citizens. Who wants to trust a safe and peaceful existence any longer? You do what’s necessary. So, Biden has a pass to get the wall regardless of cost due to the ill-fated, ill–conceived, illegal, terroristic actions on January 6.

    Stop the terroristic, unpatriotic, illegal and unconstitutional threats to this great country—United States of America—and walls and special security measures will not be needed to protect any American citizens, including U.S. Presidents & other public servants. May God bless America.

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