Biden Supports Violence From the Left

It should surprise no one that Joe Biden’s condemnation of “political violence” is quite one-sided. 

Out stumping for the failing Democrat candidates in the midterms and at the most recent White House press briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that President Joe Biden “has always condemned political violence,” but as usual, the White House’s blanket statements are incongruent with the reality of Biden’s previous statements. 

In this case, it’s how Biden addressed the rampant political violence carried out by radical ANTIFA rioters who destroyed American cities, gutted small businesses, and assaulted federal buildings during violent Black Lives Matter protests.

Back during what Democrats the George Floyd induced “summer of violence” in 2020, Biden — whether for political expedience or simply because he wasn’t aware of what was going on in the world around him — was dismissive of ANTIFA and BLM protesters, and wouldn’t even admit that their activities were violent.

“ANTIFA is an idea, not an organization, not malicious,” Biden said in 2020 as neighborhoods burned.

According to an AXIOS exclusive, the damage caused by riots in 2020 totaled more than $1 billion — making that “idea” one of the most costly “radical left” protests in US history.

And, as we have reported on these pages during the 2020 riots and since, ANTIFA is certainly both “organized” and “malicious.”

True Americans know where Biden is coming from when he “condemns political violence,” and especially those who had a front-row seat to ANTIFA and BLM violence and destruction, aren’t going to buy Jean-Pierre’s spin seeking to paint Biden in a morally superior light, when he is just a partisan hack. 

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