Biden Taunts Republicans Over Hunter Investigation


During a press conference on Wednesday, President Biden was asked about the Republicans potentially investigating his son Hunter if they gain control of the House over Hunter’s foreign business dealings while his father was vice president during the Obama administration.

Biden responded by wishing Republicans “lots of luck,” and referred to calls for his impeachment as “almost comedy.”

“Republicans have made it clear that if they do take control of the House, that they want to launch rapid investigations on day one into your handling of Afghanistan, the border; they want to look into some of your cabinet officials, they want to investigate you, they may even want to investigate your son,” a reporter said

“What’s your message to Republicans who are considering investigating your family and particularly your son Hunter’s business deals?” the reporter asked.

“Lots of luck in your senior year, as my coach used to say,” Biden replied. “Look, I think the American public wants us to move on and get things done for them.”

“I heard,” he continued “that Republicans were saying that the former president said ‘How many times are you gonna impeach Biden?’ … I think the American people will look at all of that for what it is, it’s just almost comedy.”

“Look, I can’t control what they’re gonna do,” he concluded. “All I can do is continue to try to make life better for the American people.”

Allegations of Hunter Biden using his father’s position as vice president to leverage in his foreign business dealings have been supported by the contents of his notorious stolen laptop.

President Biden is reportedly worried about potential investigations into him and his son. In a recent interview on CNN, former Democratic senator Al Franken said Biden was worried and that “there will be hearings, there will be investigations, they’ll investigate Hunter Biden, it’ll be very toxic.”

Original Article: President Biden Wishes Republicans ‘Lots Of Luck’ If They Try To Investigate Hunter | The Jeffrey Lord

  1. Ghost says

    ALL Parties should go after corruption. So, what does that tell one about the Democrats? Even if Hunter gets convicted, daddy will pardon him anyway. Allow the Mafia to control the Nation, you get Mafia Justice.

  2. Daniel Pouesi says

    The arrogance of this man! He has done more damage to the nation than any other recent president. And yet, he wants us to think he’s all for us? Joe Biden is all for himself and his family. He said so much when he uttered, “NO ONE F—s with a Biden!” America, wake up! Biden’s policies will destroy you eventually.

  3. Gerry says

    I can’t wait for the day that the whole biden crime family gets it shoved right up their ***es. We should make that a national holiday !!!!! It is coming — stay tuned .

  4. Sean Richman says

    The bidens,the obamas,the clintons are all criminal entities,but that seems to be what the liberal,socialist,marxist,communist democRATS want.Have at it and push,push,BUT”it ain’t gonna happen”.There are still many more AMERICANS out here than the democRATS know.

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