Biden Thinks It’s WWII


There it is. He said it out loud.  Joe Biden thinks you’re a fascist.  And the difference between this and the last epithet conservatives were called around election time is that this time Biden has an armed FBI and Antifa to act as his punishing squad. Gladly.

Here’s what the president told a Democratic Party fundraiser near the White House on Thursday.

“What we’re seeing now is either the beginning of the death knell of the extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something — it’s like semi-fascism,” he said, according to a pool reporter. “This is not your father’s Republican Party. This is a different deal.”

Pool reporters didn’t note if he used one, but, if past is prologue, he was speaking with a teleprompter–as he almost always does. Someone would have written those words for him and he spoke them.

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I don’t want to overstate the case, but these words appear to be a declaration of war on half the country.

His words are worse than Trump’s message to those at his January 6, 2021, speech: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard….”

Since Trump’s gatherings had never been violent affairs, no one predicted what followed.

Not so with Biden’s words. By calling Republicans who agree with Trump “semi-fascists,” he gave his followers permission to — gee, what does one do with “fascists,” anyway? Oh, yes, in Portland, Antifa murdered a man they labeled a fascist. Two billion dollars in damage from rioting was done to reject “fascism,” more than 50 people died, and hundreds of police officers were wounded in the “antifascist” “peaceful protests.”

Now them’s fighting words.

A crackpot with a Chinese semi-automatic rifle nearly killed Congressman Steve Scalise and wounded other Republicans at a practice for the Congressional baseball game based on his nutty devotion to Bernie Sanders and the crackpottery of Rachel Maddow conspiracy theories.

Haters have “swatted” the home of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in hopes of getting her shot by a cop.

The president just activated the crazies in his party — who are legion — to treat his political opponents as “fascists.”

Even Hillary’s “deplorables” comment wasn’t as bad. While it may have prompted the feminists to screech at the mention of Trump’s name, it wasn’t a call to action like these words are.

Biden has ramped up his irresponsible rhetoric the closer he gets to the election. The Blaze notes that in May, Biden said, “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history, in recent American history.” Gee, worse than the Democrats’ KKK? The Democrats’ Weather Underground?

The difference is he knows what his team does to people labeled as “fascist.”

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  1. 1947 says

    Its a sad state of affairs when the tactics used by the early 1930’s Germany Brown shirts and that of Fascism as in Italy in he same time period are lighting the fires of hate and defiance within our nation. Had this taken place right after WWII these people would be rounded up, jailed, tried, and probably receive sever sentences. Thank God those who served this nation proudly back then are not here to see the ungrateful disrupt and insult those who built this nation ahead of them. The administration has removed the cork form the bottle of completely unpatriotic, criminal acting, thugs that will cheat, lie, and steal anything in their seeking of an authoritarian state, basically socialism which ends up being Communism. I highly doubt any of them have ever had any responsibility and probably carry huge student debts they want us to pay off. I paid mine by giving 2 years of my life to the nation in the US Army. I earned the GI bill. To give them a free education will make it worthless and only encourage others to do the same irresponsible thing. These people are domestic Terrorists and I hope the next President does not tolerate this at all rounds them up an treats them as terrorists with NO rights just like the present administration has done to hundreds of people.

  2. FRANK2525 says

    Perhaps this is why God left me here to tell my story. ANSWER TO 1947.
    I was born November 1929, month after stock market crashed. Father with wife,and child working for $1.00 a day, cutting timber in Ohio, keeping several sawmills busy. I first carried shotgun shells for my father, as he and I, walked to ridge of our farm by then, in 1939. I was 10 years old, and young guy had driven into front yard, left car parked, did not come to house, but walked to ridge and was looking at pasture, where our cows, calves, horses and mules were grazing. Father asked what he was doing on our farm. He said “I’m from the government, and I am checking how many acres of corn, wheat, oats you have planted.” Father, holding 12 gauge, double barrel Iver-Johnson cocked open, over left elbow, with shells in both barrels, then said. “you are a fool, looking at our pasture, and you drove down the lane, plowed on your right, not even planted yet”. “Now, get off my farm, and close the dam gates you left open”. “Or I will dig a hole and bury you”. (Note: FDR had nationalized the Eastern Farms, Farm Bureau, and Banks, to keep grain prices higher for Western Growers, Advice by Harry Hopkins).
    I graduated HS 1947, worked 2 years in coal mine, underground as Electrician -Wire Hanger, until mine closed. Then 2 years at A&P store, in County Seat. North Korea attacked the South, June 1950, and on lunch break, I signed with recruiter on 13 October 1950, went back and informed Manager. He paid me that day, and took information to send to Offices in Pittsburgh. Recruiter came by at closing (6 PM) and took me to farm about 20 miles away. Mother walked out on porch, as we walked across lawn. Handed me opened envelope she took out of farm mail box at same time I was signing with recruiter. Recruiter drove me back to Cadiz, Ohio for weekend, and on Monday I talked to Selective Service. Given 2 weeks to go to Canton Ohio. If I qualified for Air Force, go. If not, Army would take me if my heart was beating, and I had blood pressure.
    ——–I qualufied, and with my curosity, and reading, had high aptitudes and was designated as “ACTING CORPORAL”, ” Don’t lose any of these people who processed today for Air Force. Had about 45 people with meal tickets, on train. In Chicago, got 3 more sleeping cars, and 45 (?) added with envelope , with meal tickets. So I arrived at Lackland AFB, Texas with about 70 (?) recruits. Since I could type, grabbed by drill Instructors, to work in Orderly Room, though I did go to uniform issue, doctor examination, range where I fired EXPERT, since Father taught me how to shoot at age 13, brother 11,with 22 cal. singled shot rifles, and left us in separate woods to hunt. He went off to work, where he was boss on equipment and building -Construction Work.
    =======I did not get much time at Lackland, but was ACTING CORPORAL again on train with about 35, to Colton Calif. 4 hour layover in terminal, different train to Las Vegas, Nevada. 2 Lt. college grads , Military training, Commissioned, and sent to special training for US Air Force , new Personnel System- no longer Army training.
    ——-I was told I would be working with them for a period. Gave no time limits, but “DECLARED ME ESSENTIAL TO BASE. I did the study, reading, to check DOT for titles, worrds, explanations, and they did the interviewing. Over 2,000 individuals (all on base) Offices, enlisted, contractors, and government employees. Each individual would be questioned, decision made, and would then walk through door, and drop 1 sheet wit info on my desk. I would question anything, I did not understand, make note, and then type Special Orders (by the Commander) to record info. I would enter on their record, and Idistributed to each base unit, as appropriate, teach the clerks how to report that from our base, on Morning Report, to Air Training Command Headquarters, at Scott AFB, Illinois in 1950-51. I received 4 promotions in 8 months, every other month, I moved from Privat, to PFC, to CPL and then SGT. (In July 1951, counseling was done, everyone converted from Army Air Corps, or Army Air Force, TO US AIR FORCE (formed in1947, but no action taken until 1950. when big build-up was, to train and fight.
    ————-Those people I converted were in majority, born in foreign countries, under Fascist, communist, socialist, dictator rule and I learned a college level in those 8 months, since all had joined our military during WWII as civilian language helpers, or underground fighting in their home country. They became AMERICAN CITIZENS, and proud of being in USA
    ———-Sent to Lowry AFB, CO in July 1951, to take training in unnamed course, I was questioned last of about 25 students, by MSgt Drill (given 3 ring binder) told to teach what was in that binder. When I told him what I had been doing, as last one asked he issued a scary order. “Bring your chair, come set beside me. YOU WILL TEACH THIS CLASS, AND ME TOO”? i did, and in next couple of months, I found I liked to teach others, and see them brighten as they understood. (Had time to meet young lady in Denver on 5 Aug 51, and came back to Denver and married her on 24 Aug 52).
    ———-Back at Nellis AFB, Nevada as Sergeant, sent to Squadron, involved with training pilots to fly combat as formation, rather then single dog fighting, and retraining WWII PILOTS from flying aircraft without propellors. (JETS) much faster, and dangerous, since plane closed on targets and fired missiles more than bullets).
    ——-At end of 4 years, and losing aircraft mechanics, with no explanation, Commander said it is okay. Just drop them off the rolls, showing rank and name. At W-PAFB, Ohio, in Intelligence Center, I learned those mechanics were at Area 51 (very classified, and not talked about before). Also I worked with folks in our cities, and other countries, MIG 25 from Korea, and bought house close by. My neighbor had been born and educated in Germany, was a Doctor, and he was responsible to work with the Monkey we sent into space, before we could send humans there. And I gained more info, and had high Security Clearance, WITH NEED TO KNOW. (Politicians never seem to know about that). All 26 years I served I carried highest possible Security Clearance, but had to be given (issued verbally) NEED TO KNOW. (Explanation: I learned that deeply at W-PAFB when the Director (Colonel), brought the Major and Master Sergeant who I worked for, to my desk, and informed them, that I, SSgt would be doing a special project for next period, with my normal duties. (Study of Language coding) overused, better in different coding for all using that code- Sent to Washington with classified copy, and never questioned in two weeks. Results, all intelligence agencies, of USA dropped code and switched). At that time, sensitive, and not discussed.
    ——- I retrained into Avionics, worked there, taught foreign personnel, and USA sold aircraft to Allies. With those planes gone from our country’s use, I retrained on the job, into Radio, and worked in Satellite Communications next7 years, proving it would work point to point, on Earth, hence Internet, with all the modifications since.
    ——–Never talked to anyone about this, until it was declassified, and is now reflected on Net. No names used, but I know who worked with me, and others we met and was involved with. And I then volunteered to advise and serve on such committees, to State Governor and Staff, and Politicians at Federal, State, Local from 1991 to recent years.
    ——Now retired, 93 in November, but out lived so many of my peers. Have been there for WWII VETERANS, KOREAN AND VIETNAM CONFLICTS, and the cold war between.

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