Biden’s Massive Teleprompter Fail

President Joe Biden had another awkward moment with a teleprompter during a speech on Monday.

When telling viewers how to report fraud regarding student loan forgiveness, the president proceeded to spell out “D-O-T” while saying what website people should consult.

“If you get any questionable calls, please tell us by going to report fraud … report fraud, D-O-T, F-T-C, dot gov,” Biden said.

Many users on social media mocked the president for his apparent goof, with some comparing the president to the fictional character Ron Burgundy, who would also read off the teleprompter, from the Anchorman films.

It was not the first time Biden appeared to read directly off a teleprompter when delivering a speech. In July, the president had been discussing women registering to vote when he said, “End of quote. Repeat the line.”

The student loan forgiveness plan from the Biden administration allows student loan borrowers who make less than $125,000 a year to receive $10,000 in student loan cancellation or $20,000 if they had received a Pell grant. Over 8 million people have already filled out applications to have their loans forgiven only days after the Department of Education launched the application, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said Monday.

Original Article: WATCH: Biden spells out ‘D-O-T’ while reading name of website in teleprompter gaffe | Washington Examiner

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