Big Job Growth in Tennessee – Except All the Jobs Went to Immigrants

According to new findings, virtually all of Tennessee’s job growth over the last 14 years has gone to immigrants both legal and illegal. The Center for Immigration Studies, a non-partisan foundation, this week analyzed the more recent government reports on employment in the state. Their report rebukes immigration reformers who claim that illegals are only taking jobs that natural-born citizens won’t do. Not only has all of the net increase in Tennessee’s employment sector gone to immigrants, but it has done so even as natural-born citizens accounted for 60 percent of the state’s population growth!

Steven Camarota, the Center’s Director of Research, added commentary in the group’s press release:

“It’s remarkable that any political leader in Tennessee would support legislation that would increase the number of foreign workers allowed into the country, given the relatively weak job growth in the state and the large share of working-age people not working.”

Camarota refers to the notorious Gang of Eight immigration bill that is still hanging around the House of Representatives after being passed in the Senate. Both Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker – Tennessee’s Republican Senators – voted for the bill, exposing themselves as the RINOs they are. The problems with the immigration bill are too numerous to list, but one of its worst effects would have been to double the amount of foreign workers allowed past the border. It would have also granted legal amnesty to millions of illegals already in the country. How this would help the United States or Tennessee is a question unanswered by leftist Republicans and, of course, Democrats.

Consider some of the policies advocated by the immigration bill and compare them with the news that all of Tennessee’s job growth has gone to immigrants. It provides for an expedited citizenship path for illegals already in the country. It calls for system reforms that will make it easier for foreign STEM graduates to get a fast-track to citizenship. It demands better work visa options for low-skilled workers going into agricultural fields of employment. With this kind of bill on the books, is there any doubt that the millions of natural-born Americans will find it ever harder to land a job?

As of right now, Lamar Alexander is still favored to win over his primary challenger, State Representative Joe Carr. However, as we saw in Virginia earlier this year, early polling doesn’t always tell the whole story. There, too, many observers believe that Eric Cantor’s weak stance on immigration was exactly what cost him the election. With this news about Tennessee’s job growth hitting the media at the worst possible time, we could very well see history repeated with Carr and Alexander.

Beyond Tennessee’s politics, though, these numbers illustrate the lengths to which liberals will lie about immigration. And they act as a splash of cold water in the face to any Republican or conservative who doesn’t think immigration is the single biggest issue of national security. Make no mistake about it, our economic health is as central to our country’s strength as our military. If we deliberately allow either to weaken, we jeopardize our way of life and the very fabric of the flag. If liberals want to paint that position as racist, so be it.

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