Bizarro World: ACLU Blatantly Comes Out AGAINST Civil Rights

No one paying attention for the last couple of decades (and the last five years, in particular) can be confused about what the American Civil Liberties Union really is: A left-wing organization disguised as a civil-rights protection agency. The ACLU has done some good work in their day, and even now they occasionally find themselves in a position to defend conservative figures and their right to free expression.

But more often than not, they latch onto whatever the hot topic is on the left and file suit in accordance with the wishes of the Democratic Party. This trend has only accelerated in the Age of Trump, wherein which the ACLU has declared itself Car #1 on the Resistance Train. Whether they’re fighting for the imaginary “rights” of Middle Eastern Muslims to travel to the United States or the imaginary “rights” of illegal immigrants to get government-sponsored birth control, the ACLU has found plenty of donation-bait since Trump took office.

Even so, their stance against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s efforts to clean up the mess Obama made of Title IX is a new low. This is the first time we can remember the ACLU taking a proactive stand against civil rights for the sake of supporting a feminist trope, and it’s really a damn shame to see them sink to this level.

“The proposed rule would make schools less safe for survivors of sexual assault and harassment, when there is already alarmingly high rates of campus sexual assaults and harassment that go unreported,” the organization tweeted last week. “It promotes an unfair process, inappropriately favoring the accused and letting schools ignore their responsibility under Title IX to respond promptly and fairly to complaints of sexual violence.”

That sounds horrible! What is this dreadful rule?

Well, under the new Title IX guidelines, colleges must permit the cross-examination of sexual assault witnesses, including the original accuser. Additionally, both the accused and the accuser must now be afforded “equal opportunity to inspect and review evidence obtained as part of the investigation that is directly related to the allegations raised in a formal complaint.”

In other words, colleges have to begin treating sexual assault allegations just as they would ANY OTHER CRIME on campus. Simple, direct, unfathomably correct. These new rules restore justice to a mess of a system that basically left men hanging out to dry once they were accused – even if there wasn’t the slightest shred of evidence.

This is a restoration of civil liberties, and the ACLU is against it.


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