Black Lives Matter, Not Paris

Upset that ISIS stole the spotlight away from their meaningless university protests, Black Lives Matter supporters took to social media in force over the weekend with a fancy new hashtag: #FuckParis. That hashtag and others were picked up with the zeal you only find amongst radicals, Islamic or otherwise. Some of the more disturbing tweets:

You really expect us to support a Country that still taxes Afrika for Colonial expansionism? Yeah, #FuckParis

It is illegal for a woman to cover her face in France……#fuckparis

#FuckParis those same motherfuckers wouldn’t give a fuck about these racist white boys over here terrorizing Black folks

If you a black celebrity and you send #Prayers4Paris yo ass should be shot. #fuckparis

And on and on.

It really makes you want to go out and march the next time one of their silly rallies comes to your neck of the woods, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to align themselves with a group full of this much hate, this much selfishness, and so much bitter rage that they can’t even mourn the deaths of their fellow human beings?

There has been some squawking done by certain liberals about how conservatives should stop characterizing Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization. It should be clear, they say, that there is a big distinction between what they are doing and what ISIS is doing.

Is there, though?

Is there a big distinction between murdering police officers and murdering people at a concert? Or is the distinction in magnitude alone? Can we call BLM a mini-terrorist group? The JV team, if you will? The thing about that is…JV teams eventually turn varsity. As we’ve seen.

ISIS and Black Lives Matter may not occupy the same strata when it comes to terror, but they are more similar than they are different. Both of them follow a system of beliefs that lie outside that greatest of human capacities: the ability to use reason and rationality. They are fueled by pure emotion and propaganda, and they find followers of the exact same type. Followers who are looking for something external to make them happy. They aren’t willing to do the hard work of earning happiness, so they look for someone else to blame. And, if these tweets are anything to go by, both groups seem to be blaming the same entity; i.e., everyone who isn’t them.

Unlike ISIS, Black Lives Matter is still considered a worthy, sympathetic cause by millions of Americans. That will change. As sure as the day is long, that will change. When their efforts move away from being merely annoying and into the realm of being truly horrific, it will change. And it will happen. When you’ve decided that you cannot be happy unless you have everything you want, just the way you want it, eventually something’s going to give because the world just doesn’t work like that.

And when these things give, they make a hell of a mess.

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