Black Lives Matter Putting Police In Serious Danger

In Birmingham, Alabama, a police detective was looking into a series of burglaries when he pulled a GMC Yukon over. The driver – 34-year-old Janard Cunningham, a black man – immediately jumped from the vehicle and rushed the as-yet-unidentified officer. After a struggle, Cunningham grabbed the detective’s service weapon and began beating him with it. Photos of the officer, lying bloodied and hurt, made the rounds on social media, inspiring some of the most disgusting comments you’ve ever seen online.

“Pistol whipped his ass to sleep,” wrote one ignoramus on Facebook.

Cunningham has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder, and the cop appears to be recovering after suffering a concussion. But what’s disturbing about what happened isn’t that it happened or even that it drew out a few sick individuals online. What’s disturbing is why it happened.

According to Sgt. Heath Boackle, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, the detective was overcome by his attacker because he didn’t want to become the next police officer sacrificed in the crucible of public opinion. “Local law enforcement officers are walking on egg shells because they’re so hesitant of how to interact because of what’s taking place in the media,” Boackle said in an interview with the New York Daily News. “They’re losing these confrontations. He who hesitates is lost.”

This is unacceptable, outrageous, and wholly predictable. Anyone with a shred of intelligence could have seen this coming. When police officers are vilified for doing their jobs, what else could possibly happen? Law enforcement officers who did nothing wrong are being forced out of their livelihoods and run out of town on the nearest railcar. As if they don’t have enough to worry about, cops now have to wonder if their traffic stop is going to be analyzed by idiots on cable TV for the next three months. And if the suspect is black, no one is going to lend them the benefit of the doubt.

“If the officer would have pulled his weapon, we would be talking about a totally different story,” Boackle said. “They’re so afraid that what’s going to be portrayed of them isn’t going to be the whole truth of the encounter.”

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to avoid being shot and killed by the police. You can be black, dressed in gang colors, and walking around town with a menacing look on your face and still have absolutely no reason to fear getting shot by a cop. Here’s the trick: do what they tell you to do. Don’t argue. Don’t struggle. And for the love of god, don’t attack. Not a single one of the Black Lives Matter victims would have been killed if they had followed those simple rules. Did anyone tell them? Did anyone say this on the endless news shows dedicated to these cases?

We are doing irreparable harm to our system of law enforcement because we don’t have the courage to tell the truth about this movement. Too many are too afraid of being painted as racist. Ditto on immigration. Ditto on Islamic terrorism. Apparently, we’ve decided as a country that we’d rather feel good about ourselves than be safe. We’d rather our cities devolve into criminal dystopias than cross the line of political correctness.

God bless any police officer who has to work in this environment. And God help us when all the good ones decide they’d rather do something else with their lives.

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