Boston University Stands Behind Racist Professor

Despite pressure from alumni, bad publicity, and, you know, common human decency, Boston University appears ready to stand behind their new hire, an anti-white racist named Saida Grundy.

Grundy, hired to teach sociology and African-American studies, was exposed as a racist through her Twitter account. In recent weeks, she has tweeted such bizarre sentiments as her belief that “white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges.” She has also called white men a “problem population,” and she has said that she tries to avoid shopping at white-owned businesses whenever possible.

A BU spokesman, Colin Riley, spoke to Fox News about the controversial tweets, insisting that she was merely “exercising her right to free speech and we respect her right to do so.” Riley condemned the comments themselves, but it appears that the university will take no disciplinary action against Grundy.

The problem isn’t that Grundy holds those views. The problem is that if she were a white woman saying inflammatory things about black people, Boston University would not remain so committed to free speech. The university has policies in place for dealing with “bigotry, hatred, and intolerance,” and there is no way to spin Grundy’s comments so that they don’t fit under that umbrella. It is only because her comments were directed towards the white race that she is being allowed to join the faculty anyway.

If Boston University wants to hire an outspoken racist, that’s their business. Good luck with the next donation drive. But it’s not okay to have this double standard where only certain forms of speech are protected. And we see this double standard in action again and again. It’s okay to be racist…as long as you’re racist against whites. It’s okay to be sexist…as long as you’re sexist against conservative women. It’s okay to be critical of religion…as long as that religion is Christianity.

Of course, the mere fact that there is a subject called African-American studies in the first place is evidence that things are askew in the world of academia. Who is teaching Boston University’s White Americans class? Oh, they don’t offer that class? Why not? Oh, it would be racist? Interesting, interesting…

In academic circles, the definition of racism has been modified to mean “prejudice + power,” thus taking minorities off the hook. Only white Americans can be racist under this framework, and this idiotic definition has escaped feminist classrooms to be fully embraced by the left. It’s why they can look at someone like Grundy, make a show of “condemning” her comments, and then move on. As far as they’re concerned, unless you happen to have white skin, the worst you can be guilty of is poor professional judgment.

One would think that alone would be enough to make Boston University rethink their decision, but this is a brave new age. If they fired Grundy, they would probably be accused of racism themselves. As absurd as it seems, they are probably making the right choice politically.

And that should be enough to tell you how screwed up things have gotten.

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