Brand New SICKENING Video Exposes Truth About Planned Parenthood

After having their videos blocked by the courts for some time, the undercover journalists at the Center for Medical Progress are releasing new tapes of Planned Parenthood executives speaking frankly about their practices – and they are as gruesome and disgusting as anything CMP has released in the past.

On Thursday, the group published online a three-minute video recorded at a recent National Abortion Federation meeting, a preview of content yet to come. In the video, Planned Parenthood senior director Deborah Nucatola is seen describing how the organization will change abortion procedures while performing them so they can extract as many intact fetal organs as possible for later “donation.”

“You know, sometimes she’ll tell me she wants brain,” Nucatola said in the video. “And we’ll leave the calvarium till last and then try to basically take it – or, actually catch everything – and even keep it separate from the rest of the tissue so it doesn’t get lost.”

Astute viewers will recognize that Nucatola is actually describing the process of beheading the fetus so the sensitive brain tissue can remain unharmed and intact.

At another point in the video, a Planned Parenthood executive named Deb VanDerhei admits that some affiliated clinics cannot resist the temptation to sell fetal tissue to research clinics.

“The truth is that some might want to do it to increase their revenues,” she said. “And we can’t stop them.”

Wait, hasn’t Planned Parenthood been saying this entire time that they NEVER engage in that kind of illegal sale?

Speaking of illegalities, there is this horrifying comment by Ann Schutt-Aine, the director of abortion services for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. In the clip, she explains how the organization can get around legal concepts like “partial-birth abortions.”

“If I’m doing a procedure, and I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus,” she said, “I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix, and pull off a leg or two, so it’s not [a partial-birth abortion].”

To top it off, we have Planned Parenthood of Michigan medical director Lisa Harris saying that pro-choice activists should just be honest about the sick practice that is abortion.

“Let’s just give them all the violence,” she said. “It’s a person. It’s killing. Let’s just give them all that. Our stories don’t really have a place in a lot of pro-choice discourse and rhetoric, right? The heads that get stuck that we can’t get out. The hemorrhages that we manage. You know, those are all parts of our experience. But there’s no real good place for us to share those.”

Well, thanks to David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress, you just shared them with the world. And in that respect (if no other), you’ve done this country a great service. Hopefully, Republicans in Congress will take your message to the House floor and remember it when it comes time to pass next year’s budget. Abortion has no place in a good country…but at the very least, we should not be supporting it with our tax dollars.


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