Brutal Barcelona Attack Should Be a Wake-Up Call for a Distracted West

In an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Nigel Farage said that the shocking terror attack in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday was simply more evidence that European leaders were not taking the action necessary to protect their citizens from the horrors of radical Islam.

“Not once do we ever hear a single leader in Europe offer any policy solutions whatsoever,” Farage said. “They are still in denial because they are so embarrassed by the fact that they have caused this.”

Farage, who is fiercely in opposition to the rampant Middle Eastern migration that has turned many European nations into havens for Islamic enclaves and radical jihadist ideology, said that as long as European officials remained blind to the problems with immigration, these kinds of attacks would continue unabated.

“There is a direct link and relationship between the number of people you let in from different religions and different cultures and the number of terror attacks,” Farage said.

Farage went on to note that in countries like Hungary and Slovakia that do not kowtow to the EU refuge quotas, such attacks were virtually unheard of. These countries, many of which remember all too well what it was like to live under Nazi rule, are not about to give up their hard-earned freedoms for a chance to look “kind and welcoming” on the world stage. He said, furthermore, that the Brexit movement that he championed was about preserving the safety of the United Kingdom.

“We actually want to control our borders, not because we dislike anybody, but because we believe firstly in sensible border controls,” he said.

As horrifying as the Barcelona attack was, maybe it came at a fortuitous time. Maybe it’s the right kind of wakeup call over here in the States, where everyone from the media on down suddenly thinks we have a “white supremacist” problem that deserves our full attention. We don’t. And while a mere comparison of body counts is not exactly the right way to delineate one problem from another…well, just look at that for starters. In Charlottesville, we had one whacko kill one person – the type of murder that happens every day in every way. In Barcelona just a few days later, we had an ISIS loyalist kill at least 14 and a thwarted plot to kill many others. In the grand scheme of “white supremacist” violence, Charlottesville was one of the worst examples in years. In the grand scheme of Islamic terror, this horror show in Spain is barely a blip on the radar. There is no comparison. Islamism IS the greatest threat facing Western democracy. Not neo-Nazis. Not the alt right. And damn sure not statues of Robert E. Lee.

We need to get our minds right, or we will go the way of Europe before long.

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