Bush Pushes Republicans to Surrender


If someone is ever inclined to write a comprehensive history of broken campaign promises, they would do well to make the midterm elections of 2014 their grand centerpiece. Americans are used to politicians who overestimate their ability to get things done, but rarely has an entire political party failed its voters like Republicans have.

Worse, they have a new champion in Jeb Bush. He has joined hands with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in asking Mitch McConnell to drive one more nail into the coffin of the GOP. “I think that presidents have the right to pick their team,” Bush said in New Hampshire, regarding the decision over whether or not to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. “The longer is takes to confirm her, the longer Eric Holder stays as Attorney General.”

That’s the kind of line that sounds good on a stage, but it doesn’t carry a lot of water. Republicans demolished Democrats last November, largely because they vowed to fight this president on a number of issues. One of those issues was executive amnesty, which was at that time only a veiled threat. Confirming Lynch, who did not hesitate to support the president in his actions, would be (yet another) stamp of approval on that amnesty.

Worse than that, though, McConnell himself specifically promised that if voters saw fit to give Republicans the Senate, there would be no vote to confirm any Holder replacement who supported Obama on amnesty.

Bush, who has yet to officially join the race, has apparently decided to remain committed to his moderate stance regardless of how much support he loses. And every time he opens his mouth, that support dwindles just a bit more. He is focused solely on the 1%, looking for every dollar of campaign money he can get. In the meantime, he is willing to throw every conservative cause on the political bonfire.

The problem here – well, one of them – is that we’ve done this twice already. We’ve gritted our teeth, laid our bets with the moderate candidate, and we’ve watched the roulette wheel hit OO both times. How many times do we have to lose before we understand that it’s not going to work?

This country cannot survive with two national parties that get harder to distinguish with every passing day. Our ship relies on that yin/yang pull to find magnetic north. That ideological struggle that sharpens the steel. But for the last six years, there has been no push/pull. The biggest problem with Obama is not that he is an extreme leftist, it is that he has been largely unopposed. By hook or by crook, he gets what he wants. Instead of finding ourselves in the mildly unpleasant, moderate-left waters that typically accompany a Democratic presidency, we are turned completely around, drifting towards the rocks. We need a captain who will grab the wheel and start spinning with everything he’s got.

With Bush at the helm, we may slow the ship. We may delay the inevitable. But with someone else – with a real conservative – we may actually be able to avoid those looming rocks altogether. Shouldn’t that be the goal?

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