BuzzFeed Admits: Family Separation is Having Intended Effect

In a new article entitled, “Migrants Hesitate at Border, Fearing for their Children,” BuzzFeed News explicitly – if unintentionally – admits that for whatever you may think of the child separation crisis at the border, it is apparently having its intended effect. The point of all of this – the point of this “zero tolerance” policy that the Trump administration is following – is to severely curtail the carrots and lures bringing illegal immigrants into the country. So if the news is getting out that if you bring a child with you across the border, that child will become a ward of the United States while you go sit in a detention center…well, that certainly adds another factor into the equation, does it not?

From BuzzFeed:

Families waiting inside Mexico to cross into the US are increasingly nervous as reports of the child separations enforced under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance policy” sow fear and anger on the other side of the border.

At a migrant shelter in Reynosa, one of the country’s most dangerous cities, BuzzFeed News spoke with four families who are weighing whether to make another attempt at the border or come up with a Plan B — unfathomable for those who fled their countries afraid for their lives.

As Claudia walked past Mexican immigration agents at the bridge connecting Reynosa and Hidalgo, Texas, ready to show their US counterparts proof of her brother’s murder and the risk it presented to the rest of the family, they advised her to turn around because “your kids will be taken from you.”

We are, of course, supposed to throw this story on the bonfire of outrage that the media is ginning up about the Trump administration’s border policies. We’re supposed to feel desperately sorry for these Central and South American refugees and their impossible plight. We’re supposed to write our congressmen, our representatives in the White House, and maybe even the ACLU with our tear-stained letters of rage. Not in America, President Hitler! Not in America!


That’s not to say that we’re completely unmoved by the stories of those coming to America for a better life, but the fact remains that we cannot be the Western Hemisphere’s depot for all those who aren’t happy with their current living conditions. We just can’t do it. We must not do it. That way lies the end of the United States as the greatest country on Earth, and that’s not a sacrifice we’re willing to make just so we can “feel good” about our decisions on a day-to-day basis. Running a country means making tough decisions. No parent likes to hear their child cry, but does that mean you should give little Johnny everything he wants?

President Trump is determined to show the tough love that his predecessors in the White House didn’t have the guts to demonstrate. This is how we save a nation. It isn’t always going to be pretty, but then, hard choices rarely are.

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