CA Taxpayers Must Cover Inmate’s Sex Change

The culture divide that threatens to swallow our country into its gaping chasm widened this week when a federal judge ruled that California taxpayers would have to pay for a transgender convict’s sex change. According to Judge Jon Tigar, 51-year-old convicted murderer Michelle-Lael Norsworthy (born Jeffrey Bryan Norsworthy) is constitutionally-entitled to sex reassignment surgery.

“The weight of the evidence demonstrates that for Norsworthy, the only adequate medical treatment for her gender dysphoria is SRS,” wrote Tigar.

That treatment, according to a spokesperson for California prison medical care, could cost as much as $100,000.

The ruling was met with praise from the Transgender Law Center. “This decision confirms that it is unlawful to deny essential treatment to transgender people,” said Director Kris Hayashi. “The bottom line is no one should be denied the medical care they need.”

The justification is that to deny Norsworthy the surgery would be to violate the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, the edict against cruel and unusual punishment. It is under this amendment that prisoners are entitled to adequate medical care.

The left views the Constitution through a warped lens. Through that lens, the Second Amendment doesn’t really mean what it says in black and white. Through that lens, the Eighth Amendment means that transgender murderers are entitled to free sex change operations. To them, the Constitution has become a radical Mad Libs game, where you can just fill in whatever nonsense that comes to mind. The Founding Fathers couldn’t have possibly foreseen semi-automatic rifles, but they had trannies in mind when they penned the Eighth Amendment. Of course they did.

It’s time to have a serious talk about the future. Liberals are fond of these “national dialogues,” right? Well, it’s time for another one. It’s time to stare into that cultural chasm. There is no bridge that can span this gulf. Our 200+ year experiment has come under the domain of a mad scientist. It’s time to cut our losses.

We don’t need to fight it out. Let’s just shake hands and part ways. Those who respect the Constitution can go East, and those who would rather join the European Union can go West. Those who want to let government take care of them can go one way, and those who want to fulfill their own personal destinies can go the other. We’ll keep the White House; they can build a new rainbow-colored mansion on the shores of San Francisco.

If that’s too drastic, then maybe there’s a more reasonable solution. Give the power back to the states. As it stands now, liberals float their insidious ideas in California and before you know it, those ideas have become federal law. That isn’t sustainable. There will come a breaking point, and with the way the left is going, it’s going to come sooner than later. We need to get out in front of it and make some real changes before Civil War, Part II comes to theaters nationwide.

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