Cali Governor: Pendulum Swinging Back Towards Democrats

California Governor Jerry Brown, whose liberal policies have mired his state in economic disaster, claims that after a stumble in 2016, the Democratic Party was poised for a major comeback. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Brown said that 2018 would be a watershed year for America’s lefties.

Brown said there were a “number of factors” that led to recent Democrat losses. “Certainly,” he said, “the Republicans had something to do with it. The barrage, the relentless drum beat of opposition that has been well-financed by the Koch brothers, by Republican activists, that’s been relentless. I think the Affordable Care Act was stigmatized. It was very large; it was very new, that became a big problem.

“And I also think just the historic turn when Lyndon Johnson won overwhelmingly to Goldwater people were writing, and I read it at the time, that the Republican Party was gone,” he continued. “And then it comes back, and the Democratic Party comes back. So the nature of our business is that swing of the pendulum, and it’s definitely already swinging back toward a non-Republican kind of future.”

Brown undermined that prediction, however, by admitting that there were significant problems within his party.

“Leadership has not been clever enough, or strong enough, or perhaps visionary enough,” he said. “It takes a certain vision – how the hell do we get out of this? And it takes some political skill at the same time.”

He said that the party was too fragmented as well.

“I don’t know who this Democratic base is,” he said. “It’s shifting. The segments of our party are highly differentiated.”

Well, if that’s the case – and it is – then it’s hard to see how the pendulum could be swinging back to the Democratic Party. Maybe it’s swinging back to where the Democratic Party USED to be, but the problem there is that the party isn’t going to be there to pick it up. They’ve moved way over to the left, and the pendulum stick simply isn’t long enough to reach. The base has gone absolutely mad, driven there by a combination of insane social media echo chambers and a mainstream media that has turned Donald Trump into the Antichrist. You can’t build a political movement of any strength on a foundation of total madness.

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