California Democrat Blames Police Deaths on the NRA

Proving there’s no end to the left’s call for gun control, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom said Sunday that the NRA was at least partially to blame for the murderous rampage that left three Baton Rouge police officers dead.

“An armed society is a dangerous society and we cannot accept the profit-driven fallacies promulgated by the firearms industry, its spokespeople at the National Rifle Association, and their paid subsidiaries,” Newsom told a local news station. “The endemic of gun violence terrorizing our society – inflicted upon police officers, nightclub goers, places of work, churches, movie theaters, schools, and disproportionately upon and within America’s minority communities – is by definition a political issue and elected leaders must not back down from calling for tougher regulation of firearms and ammunition in fear of political retribution from these defendants of death.”

You notice how Democrats cleverly shift their talking points based on what they think they can get out of a tragedy? Their most-frequent scapegoat is the gun industry and the NRA, of course, but they will abandon that rhetoric if there’s an easier political choice. For instance, if the three Baton Rouge police officers had been killed by an angry conservative, we would be hearing less about gun control and more about dangerous talk radio personalities, Fox News, and Donald Trump. If they’d been killed by an anti-abortion activist, we would have all kinds of comments from Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton regarding “women’s health” and “constitutional rights.” But since the assailant was a black man, driven to murder by the left’s Black Lives Matter rhetoric, the Democrats have to go back to their faithful standby distraction.

Guns, frankly, are the last thing we need to be talking about this week. In less than ten days, we’ve seen eight police officers shot and killed by angry black activists. We’re just going to ignore this? We’re going to pretend like this is no different than any other random mass shooting? Or are we going to wake up and realize that there are dangerous tensions in our country that have been ignited and fanned by self-interested liberals and race-baiting profiteers?

We should have known there was a problem after the attack in Dallas. As horrified as everyone properly was, there was an attempt to draw a parallel between that tragedy and the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille. It may turn out that the police officers in those cases are guilty of wrongdoing, but they are not willful murderers. Micah Johnson and Gavin Long set out to kill police officers. These are not similar situations.

What’s happening now is unprecedented. If we treat it like it’s something routine…something to be tolerated for a while…we are looking at a very cloudy American future.

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