California Leftists Trying to Hit First Amendment with a Death Blow

Not satisfied that they’re doing enough damage by ignoring the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution in their efforts to protect illegal immigrants from deportation, California Democrats have their sights set on something even more fundamental to the freedom of their voters: The First Amendment.

Worried that their state’s most precious resource – young gays, lesbians, and transgenders – might occasionally be subjected to traditional Christian teachings on sexual morality, they have proposed a new law that would make it illegal to say or write anything that attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation. A dual strike against freedom of speech and freedom of religion, Assembly Bill 2942 proves that when it comes to defying the Constitution, no one holds a candle to California.

The bill passed the California State Assembly last week and is gaining steam on its way to the state Senate. Presented as an amendment to a consumer advocacy law, the bill aims to ban any advertising, literature, or “practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”

This is not a law that paves the way for the chilling of free speech or makes room for overzealous prosecutors to abuse religious freedom – this law would codify that abuse and that chilling of free speech into the California legal code. This bill, if passed, would put California Christians in imminent legal jeopardy, to say nothing of psychologists, authors, experts, and doctors who do not buy into the left’s invented theories regarding sexual development and gender identity.

In a statement opposing the legislation, the California Catholic Conference warned of the bill’s far-reaching effects.

“The broad reach of AB 2942 leaves even simple religious speech on same-sex attraction or activities open to legal action and impinges on the basic human right of freedom of religion,” the group said. “AB 2943 would take something completely intangible – ‘sexual orientation change efforts’ – and add it to the CRLA.”

More than impinging on freedom of religion, the bill infringes on the basic human right to DISAGREE. The left collectively rolls their eyes when conservatives accuse them of turning progressivism into a secular form of religion, but what else can you call it at this point? They have steamrolled past “tolerance” and are steady on their way to placing the LGBT agenda as superior to some of the most fundamental rights we have as American citizens.

Under ordinary circumstances, we could count on anti-American foolishness like this being blocked by Republicans and moderate Democrats…or the courts once the inevitable lawsuits roll in. But as we’ve seen over the last few years – in California and elsewhere – we left ordinary circumstances behind a long time ago.

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