California Wants to Bring Abortion to Every Public College in the State

The California legislature is moving quickly to approve of Senate Bill 24, which would put medical abortion pills on every public university campus in the state. Despite studies which have shown that the vast majority of California college students are within a five-to-seven mile distance from the nearest abortion clinic, Democrats like State Senator Connie Levya (D-Chino) insist that a busy student must not experience even the slightest inconvenience when choosing to turn her unborn child into so much disintegrated tissue.

“SB 24 is an important step toward ensuring the right to abortion is available to all Californians and that our college students don’t face unnecessary barriers,” said Leyva, the bill’s sponsor. “Students should not have to travel off campus or miss class or work responsibilities in order to receive care that can easily be provided at a student health center.”

Heaven forbid they have to miss a class! Aborting your child should be no more difficult than grabbing a cup of orange juice from the cafeteria.

Known as the College Student Right to Access Act, SB 24 will see to it that all 34 public universities and colleges in California “offer abortion by medication techniques.” This is otherwise known as the “abortion pill,” and it allows women in the very early stages of pregnancy to abort their babies in the privacy and convenience of their own home. Or dorm room, as it were.

It’s not the first time that Levya has tried to get the ball rolling on this legislation. It actually passed the California legislature last year only to be killed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown. It may not meet the same fate this year, as new Gov. Gavin Newsome has already expressed tacit support for the bill. If passed, it would essentially give abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood an inroads to California universities, where they can begin the work of normalizing abortion among impressionable minds. And because SB 24 does not specifically rule out allowing taxpayer money to fund this initiative, it could only be a matter of time before California citizens are directly paying for college women to have access to the abortion pill.

Because Republicans don’t have enough power in California to block this bill and because Newsome has signaled his support, the only chance of stopping this freight train may be if the universities themselves come out against it. This could happen, seeing as how on-campus abortion clinics open them up to a wide array of legal liability issues. But in an era where liberal propaganda encourages everyone to think of abortion as normal “women’s healthcare,” these universities may be reluctant to expose the fact that it is anything but.

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