Campaign to Take Down Rush Limbaugh Uncovered!

If there’s anything liberals love more than the First Amendment, it’s completely trampling it whenever someone says something they don’t like. Such is the case when it comes to Rush Limbaugh, who has been at the center of a concerted campaign to take him off the air for more than four years. Yesterday, The Daily Caller revealed new information about the liberal activists at the helm of this campaign, one of whom is an executive vice president with Media Matters.

According to DC’s report, others involved in the conspiracy included a former Kent State university professor, a writer for DailyKos, and several other Twitter users who consolidated their power to “Stop Rush.” Without question, though, the primary group leader is Angelo Carusone of Media Matters.

According to Limbaugh’s team, these ten individuals are responsible for “nearly 70% of the tweets targeting Limbaugh’s advertisers.”

Oh, liberals, when will you ever stop…

Why do these people get so irate when they hear conservatism in the media? Half this country is subjected to liberal crap every time they open the newspaper, watch a movie, or flip randomly through the channels. Yet whenever there is just a single outlet or two where conservatives can hear someone speak their language, you have people wanting to throw it off the air!

Rush Limbaugh was Fox News before Fox News was a thing. On the air in syndication throughout most of the 90s, he was the only place conservatives could go to hear the truth about this hugely-popular guy in the White House named Bill Clinton. He’s been a mainstay of conservatism ever since, notably being one of the few voices on the right in 2008 who would dare criticize Barack Obama. At a time when most Republican lawmakers (and John McCain) were paralyzed at the thought of being called racist, Rush threw caution to the wind and told the truth. Whenever there was liberalism to be found, you could always be sure that Rush would weed it out.

But, no, liberals can’t have that. They can celebrate their values-shattering programs like Orange is the New Black, they can tell blatant lies about the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and they can steal money from the American people to keep PBS’s propaganda well funded, but they can’t make room for conservatism. The most they’ll tolerate is the little blonde chick on The View, and even that’s pushing it.

When it comes to your Rush Limbaughs, your Sean Hannitys, your Glenn Becks, your Ann Coulters, your George W. Bushs, your Sarah Palins…well, then you must either be called out as a demon or mocked relentlessly. There is no respect for traditional American values in the coastal media, and they see anyone who touts conservatism as either a fool or a monster.

Fortunately, any advertiser that chooses to put a spot on Rush’s program knows what they’re getting into and are unlikely to be dissuaded by a small group of libtards.

Can you imagine what this country would look like if liberals had complete control? It chills the blood.


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