Can a California Jury Bring Themselves to Convict Cop-Killing Illegal Alien?

You would think it to be a no-brainer. An illegal immigrant admits that he shot and killed two Sacramento-area sheriff’s deputies in October 2014 in addition to shooting a motorist in the head while on a 40-mile killing spree with his wife. Not only that, but the evil moron is unable to keep his mouth shut on the first day of the trial, proudly acknowledging his actions, taunting the cops who lived, and practically begging the jury to send him to his state-sanctioned demise. What other choice would a jury have but to abide his wishes and relieve the United States of this miserable excuse for a human being?

But then again, this is California, and a San Francisco jury proved late last year that when an illegal immigrant murders someone in the light of day, well, it isn’t always a crime. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a multiple deportee from Mexico, was acquitted in November for shooting and killing Kate Steinle – a decision that was sharply criticized even by the kinds of media leftists who normally go nuts for this kind of thing. While Zarate may still get some measure of justice thanks to federal prosecutors, his story is one that casts at least some small doubt as to whether Luis Bracamontes will be convicted.

Bracamontes’s trial was all over the headlines on Wednesday due to the murderer’s bizarre behavior in court the previous day. Charged with killing Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis, Bracamontes repeatedly interrupted the proceedings with outbursts that seemed to suggest he would love nothing more than a healthy injection of potassium chloride. The insanity began as prosecutor Rod Norgaard was describing the defendant’s actions; Bracamontes loudly declared: “I wish I had killed more of the motherf**kers!”

Apparently enjoying the reaction his outburst received, he added, “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me. There’s no need for a f**king trial!”

Bracamontes was admonished for his behavior, but that didn’t stop him from later calling a survivor of the shootout – Deputy Scott Brown – a “coward” for fleeing after he came under heavy fire.

Bracamontes’s attorneys are using his outbursts to make the case to the judge that their client is mentally unfit the stand trial, an argument the judge has dismissed several times. But while they may not be allowed to go back and enter a plea of insanity, these theatrics could convince the jury that he does not deserve the death penalty.

Or, seeing as how these are Californians who believe that illegal immigrants deserve special protection under the law, they may choose not to convict him at all. We really wouldn’t be surprised by anything coming out of that state anymore.

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