Caravan Migrant Gives Birth in U.S., Calls it “Big Reward” for Her Journey


A pregnant migrant woman who traveled to the U.S. from Honduras with the infamous Central American caravan managed to get over the border fence last week, avoid immediate deportation back to Tijuana, and give birth to her (automatic U.S. citizen) child within only 24 hours.

Maryury Elizabeth Serrano-Hernandez, 19, gets the historical distinction of being the first member of the Honduran caravan to drop an anchor baby in the United States, and according to reports, her gambit is already paying off. Fox News tells us that she and her family have been processed through the San Diego center, assigned a date for asylum proceedings, and “released on their own recognizance.” Supposedly, they are headed to Ohio, where they will undoubtedly put down some roots with their new citizen son.

It was, of course, no accident that Serrano-Hernandez gave birth to her son on American soil. This was, in fact, her plan all along. She told Univision that she left Honduras a month ago with visions of anchor babies dancing in her head. “With the faith in God,” she said, “I always said my son will be born there.”

She went on to say that making it across the border to give birth was a “big reward” for the arduous journey north.

Under President Trump’s executive order from a month or two ago, Serrano-Hernandez’s decision to cross the border illegally would have made her immediately ineligible to file an asylum claim. While that may not have deterred her from trying to give birth to her son in the U.S., it would have certainly given her something to think about. But since a federal judge put a kibosh on that order, claiming that President Trump does not have the authority to modify asylum laws in this way, there was not much standing in the way of her ultimate goal. Her “big reward.”

Of course, there are two other deterrents we might have tried, both of which would have almost certainly avoided this situation.

One, and we know this is crazy but bear with us, we could build a giant border wall that could not be scaled by the most athletic man, much less a pregnant woman and her family.

Two, we could take President Trump’s idea of ending birthright citizenship and run with it. This policy need not be extended to illegal immigrants, and it is absolute folly that we allow this Constitutional clause to wreak havoc on our culture and our economy. Change it if need be, override it if you can find the necessary legal and congressional support. But to keep dangling this enormous, country-killing carrot in front of the world is nothing short of national suicide.

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