Cecile Richards: “Making the World Safer for Abortion”


In the Washington Post this week there was a shameless celebration of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. With ample assistance from stories like this one, Richards is quickly becoming a hero to modern-day feminists.

“Heading into a high-stakes presidential election,” they write, “Planned Parenthood and its supporters are rolling up their sleeves to help elect Hillary Clinton – who has done an about-face on the issue with a party platform that is pushing, for the first time, for full Medicaid funding for abortions.

“It’s a bold move that positively courts controversy,” they continue. “But controversy has never stopped Cecile Richards.”

Throughout the lengthy profile, the Washington Post glorifies Richards in this way, painting her as a powerful goddess leading America’s women into battle against the oppressive patriarchy. “Making the world safer for abortion,” they write, “is a central part of Richards’s mission.” And in an interview with the princess of Planned Parenthood herself, we discover what’s really behind the dastardly pro-life movement.

“There’s this thought that women are just too scattered, we’re too impulsive, we are too hormonal, we can’t make good decisions for ourselves,” Richards tells the paper. “Therefore we need the state to tell us, we need the state to give us medical information, even if its incorrect. We need the state to give us an ultrasound because we must not really realize that we’re pregnant; we have to go away for 24 hours and think it over.”

Astute readers, however, will notice that the real reason for those regulations is unwittingly revealed just a few paragraphs later:

Since Richards’s ascension, Planned Parenthood has also pointedly transformed its messaging and its public strategy. Two years ago, the organization officially – and shrewdly – shed the abortion-specific “pro-choice” label in favor of broader terms such as “reproductive rights” and “women’s healthcare.”

The paper thus openly acknowledges that abortion-rights activists like Richards are successfully (shrewdly!) burying the truth of abortion under a mountain of meaningless jargon. That is why conservatives want to see mandatory ultrasounds. It’s not about a woman’s emotional make-up or her intelligence – no one can make the right decision without all the information, and the idea (“I’m pregnant”) does not carry the full truth of being pregnant. An image on a computer screen doesn’t either, but it’s a hell of a lot closer.

Legal abortion can only exist in a country where the majority of the population has never actually considered the reality of what we’re permitting. More than a million of these “operations” are performed every year, yet even your average pro-life conservative has come to see this holocaust as just another fact of life. Meanwhile, the propaganda has become so total and all-encompassing that it is openly celebrated in the pages of a national newspaper.

We collectively ignore and tolerate this evil every minute of every day.

The question now becomes: Will we pay for it as well?

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