Cell Phone Data Points to Major Wuhan Lab Shutdown in October 2019

Media reports emerged this weekend about a highly unusual shutdown of roads surrounding the Wuhan Institute of Virology in October 2019, raising further questions about the lab some in the U.S. government believe was “ground zero” for the novel coronavirus. In an interview with Sen. Tom Cotton on Sunday, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked the Arkansas Republican about the reports and about his thoughts on China’s negligence in the early days of the outbreak.

“There is cell phone data that we have seen now that indicates that there was a shutdown of the Wuhan virology lab, the origin, likely origin of the coronavirus. Explain the cell phone data and why it’s important,” said Bartiromo.

“So, Maria, reports emerged yesterday in the media that publicly available cell phone data suggests that roads around the lab in Wuhan was closed in the middle of October,” Cotton said. “Again, this information is publicly available. American media has used it to analyze mobility patterns in states to see if our people are practicing social distancing. So the reports indicate that on major roads around these labs, Wuhan, you obviously had thousands and thousands of cell phones pinging towers day in and day out.

“And then, all of a sudden, it stopped,” he continued. “And it remained stopped for several days. That would suggest, without any further information, that those roads were blocked for some reason. Now, we need to go confirm that. We need to look at the data carefully. We also need to try to use other means to verify if there were, in fact, shutdowns of roads around those labs in the middle of October. The Chinese Communist Party could obviously help us with that, if they would open up and allow us to investigate what happened in Wuhan.”

Yeah, well. That’s a big if. It is clear at this point that China is much more interested in protecting its reputation and avoiding the international consequences it has coming to it over their handling of this virus. In furthering the cover-up, the CCP is actually making matters worse for themselves, but it’s unclear at this point if they realize that. Then again, once we learn the bottom-line truth about what really happened in Wuhan, there’s a chance it could be even worse than some of the speculation. Perhaps that’s why President Xi is closing ranks.

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