Cheney Claims that Obama is the Worst President in His Lifetime

Former Vice President Dick Cheney told CNN’s Jake Tapper last night that he believes President Barack Obama is the worst president we’ve had in his lifetime. “I fundamentally disagree with him. I think he’s doing a lot of things wrong.”

It might not come as much of a surprise to see someone as ideologically opposite as Dick Cheney to make such a comment, but his is a voice among millions who seem to be ready to write off the nation’s first black president. Though Cheney doesn’t support impeachment in the same fashion as Sarah Palin, you can tell that he opposes it not so much on fundamental grounds but on the basis that it would prove a distraction. “It’s like the impeachment of Bill Clinton did,” he said on the program, “everybody could get geared up to have a big fight over it but it wasn’t going anyplace.” It is in a comment like that where you understand you’re listening to a true statesman, a real conservative American who gets it.

Cheney’s comments echo a recent Quinnipiac University study which found that the majority of respondents consider him the worst president since World War II. In a poll phrased like that, you may as well rewrite it to say the “worst president of all time,” as few Americans today have a firm enough grasp on history to pick one from before their lifetimes. This is a damning legacy for a man who was once regarded as the one true messiah, and it will be an unfortunate cloud hanging over the head of the next serious African-American presidential candidate.

Even so, there’s no question that he’s earned the title. His stimulus failure will go down in history as one of the most mismanaged, debt-increasing disasters to ever hit the American economy. Only those with what old gypsies call the sight can tell you what would have happened if we took a hands-off approach to recession, but it could have hardly been worse than what we’ve been left with in the aftermath of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Combine that with the doomed Affordable Healthcare Act, and you have two major pieces of legislation that history will regard as utter and complete failures. It’s tough for a president to come back from that, yet there are still those in the left wing who decry Republican obstructionism! Ye Gods, can you imagine what Obama’s America would look like if the House just let him have free run of the place?

Cheney and Palin no longer command much respect in the mainstream media; the left has long since relegated them to cartoon-villain status. A major political comeback is unlikely for either of them (though it’s doubtful that Cheney would want one), but there are always trueblood conservatives waiting in the wings. Our country needs them now more than ever, and in the wake of these disastrous eight years, something tells me even the media won’t be able to keep the next one out of the White House.

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