Chew on That: Trump’s Immigration List Reminds Dems Who is in Charge


From the way the Democratic Party leadership has been acting with respect to Obama’s 800,000 or so “Dreamers,” you would think they had recently won an election or something.

From the moment President Trump signaled that he would be willing to sign legislation giving these illegal immigrants a way to stay in the United States, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer went on the offensive, insisting on a clean DACA bill that didn’t include any money for border security or a wall across the Mexican border line. Since the majority party usually gets to dictate terms to the minority party, many observers wondered just how serious “Chuck and Nancy” were about protecting the Dreamers in the first place.

Well, with a 70-point list the White House sent to Capitol Hill this week, President Trump has decided to find out the answer to that question. And in the meantime, he’s sending a message to Democrats: You didn’t win the election, I did. And this is exactly what I campaigned on. You want to protect the Dreamers? Here’s what we want in return.

President Trump’s list of demands not only fulfills the promise of his historic campaign, it is filled with legislative proposals that would effectively turn back the tide of neglect we saw during the Obama administration. When it comes to the campaign promises, the wall is clearly the top priority, and it is reflected in the White House list. Whether that comes to fruition or not will depend on Republicans and how enthusiastic they are about budgeting money for construction. On this issue, Trump supporters would do themselves and their country a big favor by calling their congressmen and telling them in no uncertain terms: We want a wall, dammit!

But even beyond the wall, there are a number of excellent, border-strengthening demands in the president’s list. On security, the administration is calling on Congress to authorize the hiring of some 10,000 new Border Patrol agents who can monitor and protect this country from illegal immigrants who want to exploit the lengthy, largely-unmanned border. Furthermore, the president wants to shore up legal loopholes that keep illegal immigrants – even those who are caught and detained at the border – in our courts for months and even years.

On the home front, Trump is asking Congress to pass legislation that would make it easier for his administration to crack down on sanctuary cities. Right now, California, Chicago, and other sanctuary jurisdictions have permission from the courts to essentially ignore federal immigration law without fear of economic penalty. How any judge can determine that a city or state has a RIGHT to a federal grant is beyond our meager understanding of the Constitution, but if the courts can’t get it right, it’s up to Congress to clear up the confusion. When and if the federal government can back up its threats with legal teeth, we’ll see this sanctuary nonsense come to a quick and decisive end.

Republicans need to take the ball from the White House and reassert their electoral dominance on Capitol Hill. Democrats mistakenly believe they hold the cards, and they’re counting on a splintered GOP to prove them right. With Steve Bannon waiting in the wings to challenge feckless, globalist Republicans who don’t support the president, the party’s incumbents desperately need to get this one into the end zone.


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