Chicago Liberals Blame Gun Laws for Violence

While Americans across the country were enjoying the fireworks, Chicago residents listened to the echoes of gunfire that marked yet another bloody July 4th weekend. The exact numbers differ depending on which news source you use, but at least 60 people were shot, 10 of whom lost their lives. Among the victims was a 7-year-old boy named Amari Brown. Police believe the bullet that killed Brown was intended for his father, a known gang member.

Predictably, the violence led to more calls for gun control from Chicago authorities. The liberal city establishment has done almost nothing to stop the scourge of gang violence, perhaps because they keep going back to the same unworkable and irrelevant policies. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said manpower alone was not enough to make a difference in the Windy City’s troubled communities.

“If you think that putting more cops on the street would make a difference, then take a look at the fact that we put a third more manpower on the street for this weekend,” McCarthy said. “What’s the result? We’re getting more guns. Well, that’s great. It’s not stopping the violence. And it’s not going to stop the violence until criminals are held accountable and something is done to stem the flow of these guns into our city.”

McCarthy sounds more reasonable than many on the anti-gun left, perhaps because he actually has experience in dealing first-hand with what can only be described as a domestic war zone. But even he doesn’t quite get it, and his obvious allegiance to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s zealotry seeps through his philosophy. In a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the country, it makes no sense to keep pretending that gun control is going to save the Southside.

Indeed, this is a problem that will only be conquered when politicians are brave enough to address the root causes of gang activity. That means poring over drug laws, instituting “broken windows” policing, moving away from government dependence as a way of life, and strengthening the sentences for those who break the law. Making it harder for law-abiding Chicago residents to get a gun is as absurd as…well…attacking the Confederate flag in the wake of a mass murder. But there you go. Democrats are going to Democrat.

What’s sad about Chicago is that it takes an extraordinary death toll – and the death of a child – to even garner national attention. That a situation like this exists in the United States is a national shame. And make no mistake about it: like Baltimore, Chicago is a Democrat problem from start to finish. If they could have cleaned things up by now, they would have. In the meantime, gun groups will gladly lump Chicago’s gang casualties into the national statistics on gun violence, painting a skewed picture of American culture. Nothing will get solved. As long as the left has a stranglehold on the urban vote, there will be no peace.

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