Chicago Mayor Can’t Protect the City (But She Can Protect Her Home)

In a statement filled with remarkable Marie Antoinette vibes, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said it was perfectly natural for her to employ the city’s police department to ban protesters from being able to demonstrate in her neighborhood. Lightfoot, who has presided weakly over a city that has been besieged by violent crime for years and outright rioting in recent weeks, told reporters on Thursday that she and her family deserve heightened security. Some Chicago residents, after all, matter a little more than others.

Lightfoot said Thursday that she needed to extra police protection on her block because she’s received threats to her safety, though she refused to elaborate on those threats. When reporters noted that previous Chicago mayors, like Rahm Emanuel, didn’t seem to require this level of protection, Lightfoot dismissed the comparisons. “This is a different time like no other,” she said.

Yes…and…what makes it different, your honor? Trump? MAGA supporters? What, specifically, makes this moment in time a dangerous time for you and your family? Will you say it? No, of course not, because you’ve been going out of your way to support these protests. It’s only when they begin encroaching on your personal space that you have a problem with them. Typical Democrat philosophy, by the way.

“I’m not going to make any excuses for the fact that, given the threats I have personally received, given the threats to my home and my family, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they’re protected,” Lightfoot said. “I make no apologies whatsoever for that.”

The Chicago Police superintendent said that while residential protesting is banned citywide, he acknowledged that police often turn a blind eye to the violations. However, he justified shutting down Lightfoot’s block because “agitators” have sometimes “hijacked” the peaceful demonstrations.

“We have seen very peaceful First Amendment protests for the most part but embedded in each of those protests have been very violent people. And they’re embedded. They put up umbrellas. And they come for a fight,” he said. “So we have to prepare for what we’ve seen.”

The problem is, while Chicago Police are busy guarding the mayor, they aren’t available for their other duties throughout the city. The problem is, until these Democrats rid themselves of the notion that there is one category of “peaceful” protesters and a totally separate category of “agitators,” they will never regain control of their cities. Not until they put an end to all of this unrest will there be peace.

But that would require backbone. And if Lori Lightfoot had that, she wouldn’t be a Democrat.

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