Chicago Proposes Special Municipal ID for Illegal Immigrants

The Chicago Tribune reported this week that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is teaming with City Clerk Anna Valencia to speed up and expand a municipal ID program geared towards giving illegal immigrants increased access to Chicago city services.

Additionally, Emanuel has instructed Valencia to take steps to prevent personal information collected by the city from falling into the hands of federal immigration authorities.

According to the paper, Emanuel and Valencia are planning to introduce a new ordinance at this week’s City Council meeting that will address both goals.

From the Trib:

To protect confidentiality, the city will ask for “minimal information” and will not ask applicants about their immigration status. Nor will the city retain copies of applicants’ personal information.

“It’s going to capture just the name and the date of birth. It’s not going to capture an address,” said a source familiar with the program who asked to remain anonymous to avoid upstaging the mayor and the clerk.

The source also told reporters that applicants would be able to “self-designate their gender,” which LGBT groups see as a major victory.

In a press release for the program, Valencia said the municipal ID program would put Chicago on the cutting edge as it pertains to relations with immigrants.

“At a time when many communities are experiencing setbacks or attacks on their rights, the Chicago Municipal ID program is an initiative where cities can lead by example in reducing barriers, increasing access to opportunities and empowering residents,” she said.

Mayor Emanuel said the program would give all Chicago residents access to “vital services” such as banking, museums, and discount pharmacies.

“An individual’s background should never be a barrier to participating in the economic, social, or cultural life of Chicago,” he said.

Never? What if the individual’s “background” includes multiple charges of terrorism? What if he’s an escaped convict? What if he’s made public statements threatening to blow up the Willis Tower? Is Mayor Emanuel really going to stand by his assertion that a person’s background should NEVER be a barrier?

Of course not. But these liberals have decided that the crime of being an illegal immigrant is an offense on the level of “chewing gum in class.” If given a choice, they would sooner deport Chicago-area Republicans than the city’s population of illegal immigrants.

With every year that Democrats remain in control of these once-great cities, those cities deteriorate a little further. Criminals are celebrated and police are demonized. Productive, law-abiding residents will begin to move away, putting these cities on an accelerated path to ruin. But the infection spreads to the next city and the next, until finally there is no safe haven in America for those who simply want to live their lives in peace.

When your room is a mess and you’re not happy with it, you have two choices. You can either clean it or you can lower your standards for what constitutes a clean room. Either way works for now, but only one will actually solve the problem in the long run.

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