Christians Can’t Handle a Jewish Jesus?

Boy, nothing brings liberals out like a Christian holiday. They’ve already succeeded in secularizing every Christian date on the calendar, turning the celebration of Christ’s resurrection into an occasion for candy and bunnies. And that’s all well and good; plenty of faithful Christians hide eggs for their children just as they go broke trying to hit every Black Friday sale. The secular side of our religious holidays aren’t all bad.

But simply turning Easter into a holiday about creme-filled chocolate isn’t enough. There are still Christians who actually practice this archaic faith, and that’s not okay. We have to take them down a peg. That’s why The Washington Post printed an interview with writer James Carroll on Saturday. The subject? Why Christians can’t deal with a Jewish Jesus!

“Why do you think Christians don’t want Jesus to be Jewish? How did Jesus end up being blond and blue-eyed?”

Carroll responds by speaking of what he terms the “first holocaust,” which was the period thousands of years ago when Romans waged war against the Jews, killing an estimated two million of them in a brutal slaughter. According to Carroll, today’s Christians want to whitewash Jesus so they don’t have to feel responsible for these tragedies.

Uh, there’s such a thing as over-thinking it, guy.

First of all, would Carroll or any writer at the Washington Post argue the fact that American Christians are the best friend the Jews ever had? While Obama and the left demonizes Israel every chance they get, only America’s faithful followers of Christ support the Jewish state. Hell, America’s Jews don’t even support Israel with the conviction of America’s Christians. So, if we’re going to incautiously throw around accusations of antisemitism, start somewhere else. Iran, perhaps. The entire Muslim community, if you want to get a bit more controversial.

To be sure, Jesus has been whitewashed to some degree, but that’s a natural factor stemming from thousands of years of Euro-centric art. It’s only natural that painters would depict Jesus in a way that would draw believers in. Many misconceptions about Christianity and the Bible come not from the book itself but from novels, poems, movies, and art. This isn’t a condemnation of Christians; it’s merely a fact of our culture.

Whether Jesus is depicted as a Swedish dreamboat or a Middle Easterner or a black man really makes no difference whatsoever. The importance of Jesus is in who we was, what he did, and what he said. And it’s this last category that so bothers today’s liberals. They can’t stand the fact that there are people who think we’ve known everything we need to know about human nature for two thousand years. It invalidates all of their lectures and progress and theories and psychoanalysis. They can’t stand to think that maybe – just maybe – the base nature of humanity hasn’t changed all that much over the last two millennia. That maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to throw away the wisdom of old for the latest sociological study.

No Christian I’ve ever met has had a problem with Jesus being a Jew. Since when, though, have liberals let a pesky thing like facts get in the way of a good attack on religion?

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