Chuck Schumer: Anyone Against Immigration is a “Horrible, Disgusting” Person


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, still licking his wounds after a bruising shutdown fight that saw the Democrats lose whatever remaining power they held in Washington, was in a spiteful mood when he joined Rachel Maddow for an interview on Tuesday night. While telling Maddow that he was still hopeful that there might be enough “moderate” Republicans in the House to make a bipartisan immigration possible before February 8, he acknowledged that it would be tough to get people like Tom Cotton on board.

“Well, the hard right has always opposed immigration,” he said. “Donald Trump ran on an anti-immigration platform. The Tea Party, one of their fundamental values is anti-immigrant, which is horrible, disgusting, but that’s who they are.”

How do you like that? Apparently Schumer was one of those ten or fifteen people around the country who actually nodded and clapped when Hillary Clinton cast half of Trump’s supporters into a basket of deplorables during the election. Just listen to what’s he actually saying here. To be “anti-immigrant” is to be a “horrible, disgusting” person! Astounding.

This just goes to show you how desperate the Democrats are to conflate concerns about rampant illegal immigration with racism. Now they’ve gotten to the point where they don’t even need to come out and make the explicit connection. It’s just a foregone conclusion – so much so that the most powerful Democrat in the country can wag his finger and accuse anyone who wants to limit immigration of being a wretched individual. Isn’t that something.

Strangely, Schumer doesn’t seem to think he “lost” the shutdown standoff because, if anything, he’s taking an even harder line on negotiations in the aftermath of that unbelievable blunder. According to several reports, he’s now taking his offer to fund a portion of the border wall completely off the table. He somehow believes that he’s in a stronger position now than he was last Friday? Or else he’s so terrified of the immigration activists on his left flank that he’s posturing publicly. We’re not sure which, but he’s getting ready to run his own party off the cliff.

“The thought was that we could come to an agreement that [Friday] afternoon, the president would announce his support, and the Senate and the House would get it done and it would be on the president’s desk,” Schumer said Tuesday. “He didn’t do that. So we’re going to have to start on a new basis and so the wall offer is off the table.”

Frankly, if we were advising Trump, we’d put it this way: Don’t accept anything that doesn’t include at least $20 billion in wall funding. Period. End of story. If Republicans make a deal, veto it. This is what you ran on and this is what we need. Tell the Democrats, the Dreamers, and the entire federal government to go take a hike if you don’t get that deal.

We doubt Trump’s position will be that stark, but he at least needs to let Democrats know that HE – not them – holds all the cards. They need to pay up.



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