CIA Director Blows Lid Off Iran’s Dealings With THIS Deadly Group

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said this week that the working relationship between Iran and al Qaeda was a matter of common knowledge within the intelligence community, and he said the two entities – though not ideologically aligned in many ways – were united in their hatred of America and the West.

“It’s an open secret and not classified information that there have been relationships, there are connections,” Pompeo said Thursday. “There have been times the Iranians have worked alongside al Qaeda. They’ve cut deals so as not to come after each other – that is, they view the West as a greater threat than the fight between the two along their ideological lines.”

He said it was essential that the CIA and other branches of the intelligence community keep a close eyes on those connections, especially seeing how Iran and al Qaeda could take advantage of a power vacuum in Syria.

“With the defeat of the real estate proposition in Syria and Iraq for ISIS, we watch what’s going on in Idlib – you’ve got ISIS folks, al-Nusra front, al-Qaeda folks up in the North,” he said. “We are watching to see if there aren’t places where they work together for a common threat against the United States.”

That Iran is an international sponsor of terrorism will not come as a surprise to anyone, but the Shiite regime is typically associated with groups like Hezbollah – not Sunni terror organizations like al Qaeda. That said, this is a failure of both journalism and previous U.S. administrations and not a reflection of the facts. In fact, the 9/11 commission report identified “strong evidence” that Iran helped al Qaeda members get in and out of Afghanistan prior to the attacks – some of whom went on to hijack the planes in September 2001.

This relationship has continued throughout the years, particularly inside Iraq, where Iran has given cover and shelter to al Qaeda leaders who have helped destabilize the fledgling democracy. And when U.S. forces destroyed al Qaeda’s bases of operations in Afghanistan in the months after 9/11, Iran stepped up to provide sanctuary for fleeing terrorists.

All of this is vitally important to keep in mind when we talk about the Iran nuclear deal and other forms of cooperation between the West and the Islamic Republic. These are not our friends. These are our admitted, sworn enemies, and we would do well to treat them as such. To trust them is to invite our own demise. Thankfully, we seem to have an administration and a president that understands that basic fact.

It’s about time.

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