Claiming Bravery That Was Not Yours

NBC is, so far, sticking behind Brian Williams. Though the anchor of Nightly News has been busted trying to make himself appear more heroic and brave than the facts permit, the network thinks his lie is not bad enough to cost him his career. Trustworthiness used to be one of the most important traits for a journalist to embody, but Williams will continue to be the public face of NBC news.

According to reports, Williams’ predecessor is none-too-happy about this turn of events. The New York Post reported Thursday that Tom Brokaw “wants Williams’ head on a platter,” insisting to anyone who will listen that he should be fired for the lie. Those demands are falling on deaf ears; the story reports that though Brokaw and other NBC brass have been asking Williams to stop recounting the false story, the network will not punish the anchor in any way. “He has the full support of NBC news,” one source told the Post.

Clinton’s “Mistake”

If anyone is angrier about the controversy than Brokaw, it might be Hillary Clinton. The woman many expect to be at the top of the 2016 Democratic ticket has a very similar skeleton in her own closet, and conservative media outlets have not been shy about drawing the comparison. As we close in on her expected announcement to run, Clinton must be dismayed that her Bosnia fiction is once again coming to light.

If you missed it, here’s the rundown. Clinton made a trip to Bosnia in 1996 when she was first lady. Her account of the trip was a harrowing one. In several speeches and interviews leading up to the 2008 primary election, she recounted the gripping tale of how she and her daughter had to run for cover upon getting off the plane in Tuzla. Snipers were firing at them. It was only through the grace of God that Clinton and Chelsea were able to escape with their lives.

Unfortunately for Hillary, there were cameras trained on her as she departed the plane in Tuzla. The video shows Clinton getting off the plane, pause for a short ceremony, and walk down the tarmac without the slightest hint of danger. No snipers. No bullets. No running for cover. A completely fabricated story that Clinton dismissed as “a mistake.”

Like Williams, Clinton characterized her lie as a human foible. Hey, you know, your mind plays tricks on you. No biggie. Let’s move on. And because both Williams and Clinton as liberal darlings, they are allowed to blame their deceptions on innocent mistakes. It’s funny, though, how these liars never accidentally play down their heroism. You never see someone accidentally forget to mention that they showed bravery in the face of danger. No, it always happens the other way around. Oops, my brain accidentally made me think I was a hero. My bad.

But in an age where we readily accept every liberal lie in the book, why should we even be surprised?

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