Clash Between Cops and Anti-Trump Leftists Brings Violence to Manhattan

New York City police had ten people in custody by the end of Sunday’s violent clash with rabid leftists in Manhattan. The trouble started in Chelsea when police got into a confrontation with anti-Trump protesters who were reportedly taking issue with police having arrested a journalist, although the NYPD denied that anyone with police reporting credentials was put into handcuffs at any point.

Video from the protests show police in riot gear confronting protesters who cursed at the officers and insulted them in the usual leftist manner (“pigs,” “go fight real crime,” and so on).

The protesters were originally drawn to Madison Square Park to confront pro-Trump caravans that have been driving up and down New York highways to support the president ahead of the election. The anti-Trump hooligans marched from the park down West Side Highway before they realized that the caravans were unlikely to come into Manhattan. After all, it’s a little tough to have an effective driving rally in a city where it’s bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The trouble in Manhattan was far from the only example of Trump supporters and anti-conservative protesters getting into it.

From Fox News:

A political rally on Sunday led to confrontations between Trump supporters and protesters at a Robert E. Lee monument in Virginia, according to reports.

Police said the mobile political rally, which dubbed itself as a “Trump Train,” entered Richmond on Sunday afternoon. Police said there was a confrontation as the rally passed the statue at Monument and Allen avenues.

“Some of the vehicles left the roadway and crossed grassy medians near the area,” according to Richmond police.

Protesters attempted to block the convoy as it tried to round the monument, and tensions escalated when the vehicles came to a stop, reports said. Some of the demonstrators were aggressive toward the drivers and their vehicles, according to the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record.

You know, call us crazy, but maybe it’s not the best idea to step out in front of a vehicular caravan when you are on foot. We know, we know, these leftists are not exactly the brightest bulbs society has to offer, but really? This seems like the kind of basic, fundamental concept that even a child could grasp. But then again, maybe that’s the level of reason and wisdom we’re dealing with here. These people sometimes strike us as an evolutionary step backwards.

In any case, this could only be a preview of the clashes to come as Election Week 2020 proceeds. Be prepared for the worst.

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