Clever Anti-Obama Ad Has Liberals In a Tizzy

Is there anything funnier than watching “progressives” work themselves into a frenzy over some imagined slight? It’s one thing for half the country to blindly follow the mainstream media into condemnation of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. That kind of ideological brainwashing can not only cause lasting harm to individuals but can also serve as a cultural launching pad for unnecessary expenditures and deteriorating racial relations.

But when it comes to harmless political advertisements, it’s really nothing but fodder for amusement when the liberals attack. The latest object of their scorn is a clever anti-Obama ad funded by Americans for Shared Prosperity. The ad is focused on a woman who claims to be upset with her online relationship. As the ad moves forward, we realize she’s talking about President Obama. It’s one of the more striking ads of the 2014 political cycle, it speaks directly to Obama’s cult of celebrity, and, best of all, it has lit the fires of rage beneath liberals worldwide.

Liberal commenters on YouTube and Twitter have apparently mistaken the ad’s intentions, which is not particularly surprising given their lack of intelligence. One YouTube user had this to say about the video:

“Wow, Republicans are trying to take away all my vagina’s rights, but yet they think I use it to vote…this smells like rich, scared old men who have to purchase sex.”

Another said:

“Majorly tone deaf. The opposite of going for the female vote. Please, let me know as a woman how we only think of issues in terms of our vaginas. Holy cow. GOP deserves to be voted into extinction.”

Maybe a better solution would be to tie some kind of IQ test to the right to vote, ensuring that we don’t have women like the above commenters screwing things up for the entire country. The ad is making a clever analogy between online dating and the political process. It does not say or intimate that women voted for Obama because they liked the way he looked. I realize it’s difficult for some people to think about things for more than 1.2 seconds before blathering their worthless opinions all over the internet, but this doesn’t seem like it would take that much brainpower.

Somehow, the cries about sexism were among the most sensible criticisms from the left. Another group of radicals decided that the ad was racist. “And they even called him ‘articulate’,” said one Twitter twit. “Tone deaf, stupid-ass, racist piece of shit propaganda,” said another user on YouTube, clearly having spent the full 1.2 seconds developing their thoughts on the matter before dumping them like warm diarrhea all over their keyboard.

These kinds of attacks are nothing new from the reactionary left, of course. For years, conservatives have had to walk on eggshells when criticizing the president, fearful that they might be considered racist for opposing him. After all, this is our first black president. We should bow in subservience to his historical significance, putting aside political differences in the name of racial harmony.

The whole thing reminded me of a 2011 article written by liberal online rag DailyKos, informing readers how they could criticize Obama without being racist. One of the most memorable tips was to avoid saying things like “the president has no balls” because there is a history of black men being castrated in America.

The greatest fiction writers in history could write for a thousand years and never dream up a group of people so misguided, so thoughtless, and so utterly brainwashed as the American left. What can you do but laugh?


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