Climate Change Zealots Won’t Debate Anymore: “It is Real.”


A group of around 60 “writers, academics, and politicians” signed their name to an open letter published in the UK’s Guardian newspaper this week which said they would no longer participate in any media stories that gave so much as a single line of coverage to those who deny the “truth” about climate change. In a remarkable retreat from the debate, these people – non-scientists, for the most part – declared the debate over and insisted that giving deniers any coverage only gives undeserved credence to their claims.

“We are no longer willing to lend our credibility to debates over whether or not climate change is real,” the signatories said in the letter. “It is real. We need to act now or the consequences will be catastrophic. In the interests of ‘balance,’ the media often feels the need to include those who outright deny the reality of human-triggered climate change.

“Balance implies equal weight,” the letter continues. “But this then creates a false equivalence between an overwhelming scientific consensus and a lobby, heavily funded by vested interests, that exists simply to sow doubt to serve those interests. Yes, of course scientific consensus should be open to challenge – but with better science, not with spin and nonsense. We urgently need to move the debate on to how we address the causes and effects of dangerous climate change – because that’s where common sense demands our attention and efforts should be.”

Well, we guess the “we’re taking our ball and going home” style of public advocacy has its proponents, but we’re going to go out on a limb and predict that these zealots aren’t going to accomplish much with it. This is the kind of grand, WE’VE WON proclamation you make…when you’ve actually won. That’s hardly the case here, at a time when there is more skepticism than ever about the scientific consensus regarding climate change.

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Actually, let’s amend that: The problem isn’t so much with the scientific consensus as it is with politicians and activists who have taken the science and turned it into something it isn’t. Dire warnings about the imminent end of the world aren’t coming from laboratories; they’re coming from people like Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the Democratic Party. They’re coming from people who want to further their leftist, socialist, Kill Capitalism agenda, and are using climate change as a handy tool with which to do so.

Unfortunately for them, reality doesn’t change based on how many people you can convince to see it your way. Even if seven billion people believe that fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, and methane gas are conspiring to kill off the planet, it doesn’t necessarily make it a fact. There IS room for debate and there IS room for doubt. Especially when it comes to some of the more outlandish, unproven, and, in many cases, DISproven claims that the zealot crowd has made over the last twenty years.


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