Clinton Baselessly Suggests That Trump was Talking to Putin During Capitol Riot

For five years, the mainstream media has used the phrase “without evidence” as a constant attachment to President Donald Trump’s claims about everything from illegal immigration to terrorism to Maxine Waters’ IQ score. But somehow, they never seem to get around to using that phrase when one of their own makes a wild allegation like…Trump was on the phone with Vladimir Putin while his supporters were storming the U.S. Capitol.

That’s exactly what Hillary Clinton suggested in a recent podcast interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The former secretary of state, who continues to hold Moscow responsible for her loss to Trump in 2016, told Pelosi that she wants Congress to convene a 9/11-style commission to investigate the lead-up to the events of January 6th. And she wants the president’s phone records to be part of the probe.

“I would love to see his phone records to see if he was talking to Putin the day the insurgents invaded our Capitol,” she said.

Pelosi fondly recalled the day she said, “With you, Mr. President, all roads lead to Putin.”

“I don’t know what Putin has on him politically, financially or personally, but what happened last week was a gift to Putin because Putin wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world,” Pelosi said. “So yes, we should have a 9/11 commission and there is strong support in the Congress to do that.”

Yeah. We definitely need another investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. Why not start up another Benghazi probe while we’re at it?

“There was a House investigation. A Senate investigation. A special prosecutor investigation with the full powers of law enforcement. Obsessive media inquiries. None found what Hillary Clinton wanted to find. So she wants another…” tweeted Fox News correspondent Byron York.

Maybe Republicans can make a deal with Mrs. Clinton: We’ll hand over Trump’s phone records from 1/6 when you recover those deleted emails from your homebrew server. Tit for tat, yes? Since you’re all about government transparency, we’re sure you won’t mind letting the nation know who YOU were talking to during your time at the State Department.

As for Clinton’s claim, it wasn’t just made without evidence, it was made without any coherent theory. What does she actually believe – that Trump is some cartoon villain who was laughing with Putin about how he successfully destroyed American democracy with his merry band of white supremacists? We know this is the way the left talks about Trump, but they don’t actually believe it, do they?

Do they??

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