Clinton Team Can’t Admit Hillary was the Wrong Candidate

You might think that their decisive loss on Tuesday would have been a cold splash of reality for the staffers who built Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. You might think they would have realized that there was something terribly wrong about their tactics and, more importantly, the candidate herself. You might think they would come to the understanding that President Obama’s two victories and enduring popularity have less to do with his policies and job performance and more to do with his personal charisma.

But you’d be wrong.

According to Politico, the Clinton campaign is still in deep denial about their astounding failure. Just like they did throughout the campaign, they’re casting blame on everyone from Vladimir Putin to James Comey. It was Hillary Clinton’s record of corruption that put Donald Trump in the White House. No, it was America’s latent sexism. It was the media’s coverage of the election. It’s anyone and anything that allows them to arrogantly sit back and assume that AMERICA got it wrong, despite the fact that Team Clinton did everything right.

“On a call with surrogates Thursday afternoon, top advisers John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri pinned blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss on a host of uncontrollable headwinds that ultimately felled a well-run campaign that executed a sensible strategy, and a soldier of a candidate who appealed to the broadest coalition of voters in the country,” writes Politico.

According to the site, Podesta and Palmieri scoffed at the idea that Hillary should have spent more time reaching out to disgruntled white Democrats. That she should have focused more on the economy. They acted as though this result was all but inevitable, or was at least caused by factors outside of their control.

If the rest of the Democratic Party feels that way, we’re on the precipice of a long, long period of Republican domination.

“Internally, staff felt that Clinton’s loss ultimately boiled down to white working class voters rejecting her because she was a woman,” Politico reports.

Absolutely, pathologically absurd. If they rejected her, it was partially because she – and the Democratic Party as a whole – rejected THEM. They have jumped ahead of the actual demographics of the country, trying to win elections by playing only to minorities – a strategy that, when you actually think about it, is tautologically doomed to fail.

In one of the debates, Trump conceded that Hillary had him beat when it came to experience. But, he said, it was “bad experience.” And he quoted Hillary’s primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, who said that Hillary had demonstrated “bad judgement” over the course of her political career.

In listening to Clinton insiders, who presumably reflect the thinking of Hillary herself, that bad judgement is still on full display.

As a country, we dodged a serious bullet.


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