Clinton’s Health: Concern or Conspiracy Theory?


From Tim Kaine’s Private Journal:

Entry: 8/22/2016

Progress on Trump impersonation is slow. I must stop mimicking Darrell Hammond and start channeling the man himself. The gestures are on point. It’s the voice! The damned voice!

I do have cause to be joyful, though. HRC put on a masterful performance for Kimmel. Watching our campaign collude with the media to squash those health rumors has been a delight (although also a little troubling). God knows we wouldn’t stand a chance if the voters really knew the situation…

But we know, don’t we, diary? Muhuahuahua…oh, we know.

– (President?) Tim Kaine

Whether or not that’s an accurate insight into the mind of Hillary Clinton’s running mate, there’s  no denying the fact that those health “rumors” have the campaign on defense for the first time in weeks. Clinton appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show Monday night to laugh off the concerns.

“This has become one of their themes,” Clinton said of the Trump campaign. “You take my pulse while I’m talking to you. Make sure I’m alive.”

Clinton then opened a pickle jar to prove that her strength was beyond doubt.

But then, Clinton isn’t running for jar-opener-in-chief or comedian-in-chief, she’s running for president. And she can dismiss the growing body of evidence surrounding her poor health all day long, but the pictures and videos that show her stumbling, spasming, and stuck for words are not being manufactured by the Trump campaign. They exist. They’re out there. All you have to do is listen to Uncle Rudy and Google it.

Apparently, Hillary’s cohorts in the media just realized that anyone in America can do that at any time. On Tuesday, New York Times writer Farhad Manjoo suggested that someone should repair that pesky leak.

“Google should fix this,” Manjoo tweeted, referring to the search results. “It shouldn’t give quarter to conspiracy theorists.”

You have to love it when liberals fight “conspiracy theories” by calling for an actual conspiracy against internet users.

In any case, we’ve seen over the years that when it comes to the Clintons, the left has a very broad sense of the term “conspiracy theory.” Are there accusations floating around about these two that are less than credible? Of course; that’s true of every politician in living memory.

But let’s draw a clear line of distinction between “ridiculous” and “unproven.” Once upon a time, news outlets like the New York Times thought there was much less to Hillary’s email scandal than turned out to be the case. Last month, FBI Director James Comey confirmed many details that, days earlier, mainstream liberal news pundits would have dismissed as conspiracy theories.

Trump, unlike most of his Republican predecessors, isn’t afraid to allude to stories outside the mainstream press. The networks treat him like a moron for repeating information found inside the pages of the National Enquirer, but Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows – perhaps better than most – that while these stories may not always be dead-on accurate, they often get closer to a disguised truth than you might suspect. Reporters do a little digging…and well, who knows what they might turn up?

Is it dirty politics? Sure. But when you’re running against not only Hillary Clinton, but NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all of Hollywood, you can’t win by playing nice.

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