Clinton’s Reassuring Email Reassures No One

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in serious trouble and everyone knows it. Her earlier hopes that the email scandal would just go away have been dashed. Every week, the news gets worse for her. This week, after being forced to turn over the private server she used during her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton sent out a special email to her supporters. The long email said it was “nonsense” to believe that she endangered classified information through the use of her off-site email system. It provided a link to a Q&A page that promised to lay out the facts of the situation. But the email and the Q&A page do little to address the most recent – and most damning – evidence of improper communication.

The closest Clinton gets to explaining the worst of the controversial revelations comes here:

Clinton only used her account for unclassified email. No information in Clinton’s emails was marked classified at the time she sent or received them.

This is consistent with what the campaign has said from the beginning, but it isn’t consistent with what investigators have turned up over the past week. According to them, there were at least two emails sent by Clinton that were labeled – at the time – Top Secret. Insiders say that the discovery of these emails led to the FBI’s decision to finally confiscate the server itself. That server, we are told, was wiped clean by professionals before being handed over to federal authorities.

About that confiscation? Clinton says:

Again, when information is reviewed for public release, it is common for information previously unclassified to be upgraded to classified if the State Department or another agency believes its public release could cause potential harm to national security, law enforcement or diplomatic relations.

Oh, well that’s a non sequitur answer if ever there was one. This isn’t about information retroactively classified any more, Hillary. The cat is out of the bag. On at least two occasions, you sent emails containing information deemed Top Secret. Not later. Not this week. At the time. And that is the allegation you must explicitly address if you want your supporters to calm down. Because right now, your candidacy is in serious jeopardy.

Of course, there is no explanation that will suffice. At the very least, Clinton is guilty of endangering national security for selfish reasons. Even if her reasons turn out to be innocuous, she should no longer be viewed as a legitimate candidate for president. And if they turn out to be less than innocuous…well, she may be headed for a room quite a bit smaller than the Oval Office.

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