CNN Adds “Racial” to Trump’s Call for Profiling


On Monday, following a bomb blast in New York City that injured at least 29 individuals, Donald Trump said that these “lone wolf” attacks were difficult to stop because of liberal attitudes towards profiling techniques.

“As you know, in Israel they profile,” Trump said on Fox & Friends. “They’ve done an unbelievable job – as good as you can do. And they’ll profile. They see somebody who’s suspicious, they profile. They will take that person and they’ll check them out.”

While Trump did mention cops looking the other way because a potential suspect looks like “he came from that part of the world,” he did not specifically recommend a specific kind of profiling. He certainly did not call for “racial profiling.” But that didn’t stop CNN from adding that phrase to their TV chyron when reporting Trump’s comments later in the day.

On Monday evening, the cable news channel put up a graphic that said: Trump says “racial profiling” will stop terror.

Is this just nitpicking? Well, not really. While Trump probably meant what CNN thinks he meant…it remains true that he did not specifically say “racial profiling.” And when your news channel puts that word in quotes, you’re telling viewers that you’re relaying a verbatim record of what Trump said. That’s a lie. A minor lie? Viewers can decide that for themselves.

What’s more troubling, though, is the way we’ve blurred the lines between what is and isn’t a “race.” This has gotten out of hand in 2016.

Islam is not a race.

“Illegal immigrant” is not a race.

We’ve decided, as a society, not to tolerate racism in any form. But liberals are now trying to make anything they don’t like “racism” – even LGBT discrimination is now treated as equivalent.

Too much further along this spectrum and we’ll find out that certain forms of discrimination are actually beneficial to a functional and safe society. Necessary. Indispensable.

Profiling – racial or otherwise – is not as simple and dumb as the media tries to make it. It’s not – “Hey, that guy looks like a damn Arab, let’s get him!” It’s – “Hmm, this guy is exhibiting several suspicious behaviors and he looks a certain way and he’s in this place at this time which is unusual…maybe we should say hello and see what happens.” It’s a total picture, and cops are going to do it on some level of consciousness regardless of political correctness. We all know that, and we should all be smart enough to see that it can’t, actually, be any other way.

Any attempt to make it another way is just going to make us that much less secure as a nation.

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