CNN Host on Mail Bombs: “No One’s Blaming the President”


In a truly laugh-out-loud moment on Wednesday evening, CNN host John King said flat-out that “no one” was blaming President Donald Trump for the mail bombs sent to several top-level Democrat politicians and operatives. Despite CNN chief Jeff Zucker doing exactly that in a statement shortly after the news broke and despite CNN devoting the majority of their coverage to Trump’s “tone” and “rhetoric,” King still found a way to not only blame the president for the attempting bombings but also for making the whole story about him.

“No one’s blaming the president,” King said. “Is anyone blaming the president? But the president now wants to make it about him.”

Just when you thought the irony could not get any richer, CNN was, at that VERY MOMENT, running a chryon on the screen that read: “CNN: Trump has no plans to claim any personal responsibility for inciting serial bomber.”

This is SNL-level hilarity…well, in a world where SNL was still funny and not just an outlet for frustrated leftists to get their shots in on conservative America.

Anyway, speaking of “no one blaming the president,” CNN senior political analyst John Avlon wrote an entire article not blaming the president that was published on the website Friday. In it, Avlon helpfully counts up the number of times Trump has “targeted” the recipients of the various pipe bombs. In case you were wondering about this statistic, Avlon says Trump has attacked CNN “63 times on Twitter alone,” he’s tweeted mean things about Hillary Clinton 109 times since being elected, Obama 137 times, Maxine Waters “73 times in speeches, press statements, and tweets since March of this year,” John Brennan 30 times, and Robert de Niro twice.

But wait, you say, weren’t there other “victims?” Where are all the Trump tweets about George Soros, Eric Holder, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Well, Avlon neatly skirts that hole in the theory by using Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson to fill in as Trump’s soldiers. “Holder, for example,” he writes, “has been mentioned 74 times by Hannity and Carlson’s shows since Trump’s inauguration.”

Tell you what, CNN better pray that no one ever makes a serious assassination attempt against Donald Trump. Because if we can pinpoint the responsible party by counting up how many times they said something negative about the target, they are going to have some serious explaining to do.

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