CNN Jumps Headfirst Into Unverified Story About Trump Declaring Martial Law

This week, The New York Times published an unverified story based on their favorite source: The anonymous White House insider. According to this insider, President Trump is deliberating an extraordinary course of action wherein which he will use the military to declare martial law, overturn the 2020 election, and conduct a redo at the point of a thousand machine guns.

If this story had been published by BuzzFeed or some left-wing blog, we’re sure that it would have been greeted with a heavy dose of skepticism. But since the publisher was the Great and Mighty New York Times, CNN didn’t hesitate a moment before taking it at face value.

“I’m wondering your reaction to this heated White House meeting, Oval Office meeting, the President taking it very seriously, the idea of martial law to overturn the election. What message does this send? How does this potentially even undermine national security, let alone trying to plot to overturn a free and fair election?” CNN host Fredricka Whitfield asked her guests, national security analyst Samantha Vinograd and Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason.

You’ll note that Whitfield did not stop to consider whether or not the report was actually true.

“Clearly if it was up to President Trump, we wouldn’t be a democracy anymore,” replied Vinograd. “His behavior sounds like the death throes of a tyrant. If this was happening in any other country, the National Security Advisor and the President of the United States would be working the phones to tell a foreign leader the cost of such behavior and to urge him or her to stop it. No democracy-supporting president would allow himself to be exposed to these ideas, let alone entertain them. No patriotic president would allow himself to be surrounded by such dangerous nonsense peddlers.”

To give the report credibility, Whitfield said this: “Even former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton reacted to this notion of martial law.”

Because Bolton is known for his refusal to ever criticize the president. He only wrote a whole book bashing Trump.

“I think Trump will go down in — in history as a U.S. President who again did not support democracy and who likes to be surrounded by unhinged conspiracy theorists. That’s his legacy,” Vinograd said. “I think the world is starting to tune Trump out though. I think that the world acknowledges that there will be a peaceful transfer of power in January and is frankly paying more attention to what President-Elect Biden has to say.”

Yeah, right. Meanwhile, stay tuned for another full day of CNN coverage about the latest Trump “scandal.”

By the way, seeing as how The New York Times just got caught peddling an utterly fictitious account of an ISIS “insider” on their podcast, maybe it’s time to reevaluate how seriously we take their reporting.

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