CNN Spreads Blatantly Fake News About Coronavirus Poll

That CNN is once again guilty of spreading fake news is hardly worth mentioning at this point, it’s such a common occurrence. But while CNN’s usual type of fake news involves unnamed government sources and/or opinion pieces disguised as straight news, their headline on Tuesday was on another level. It’s one thing to print garbage that is the result of sloppy reporting; it’s quite another to run a news headline that is subsequently (and directly) contradicted by your OWN story. Who is actually running the show over at this ridiculous organization?

According to CNN, “68% of Americans say a vaccine is needed before returning to normal life, new survey finds.” That was their bombshell headline this week, and boy, that would be a doozie of a story. It would mean, essentially, that it hardly matters whether or not governors and local leaders reopen their economies or keep the lockdown orders in place. People aren’t going back to stores, restaurants, bars, and sporting events until they are confidently immune from the coronavirus. Seeing as how a vaccine could be months or years away (if it ever materializes at all) this poll would have dramatic ramifications about the future of this country.

You know, if the poll actually said that.

Unfortunately for CNN, we find out LATER IN THEIR OWN STORY that this isn’t the case at all:

Return to normal life: Another release from Gallup finds 80% say that in order for them to be willing to return to normal life, it is very important for those who test positive for Covid-19 to enter mandatory quarantines.

Nearly three-quarters consider it very important for there to be a significant reduction in the number of new cases or deaths before they’d be willing to return to their regular activities, and 68% rate the availability of a vaccine as very important. About 6 in 10 people call widespread testing to identify and monitor infections very important.

Ah. So 68% of people surveyed said it was “very important” to have a vaccine in place before they would return to their regular activities. But that’s not quite the same as saying that those people would require such a vaccine, now is it?

“Looking at the two Gallup questions that mention vaccines, the data shows that Americans are thinking about a lot of things, and primarily concerned about a decline in new cases,” wrote Arc Digital’s Nicholas Grossman. “CNN should delete the tweet, fix the article, issue a correction, and be a lot more careful to accurately represent survey data in the future.”

Ultimately, after swirling this fake statistic around for most of the day, CNN did just that, updating the headline to fit the story and posting a “clarification,” if not an apology.

Just another notch on CNN’s Fake News Belt of Shame.

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