CNN’s Bizarre Investigation into Ben Carson

Normally, when a news organization sets out to expose a politician as a liar, they are in search of things that will make that politician look worse. They’re looking for scandal. They’re looking for drug abuse. They’re looking for financial malfeasance.

But in the case of CNN’s investigation into the background of Dr. Ben Carson, they’re trying to find just the opposite.

Carson has documented many times the stories of his violent temper and how he overcame that temper through his faith and his disciplined studies. The stories include, most significantly, the time he tried to stab a friend at the age of 14, only saved from a tragic mistake by a broken blade.

But now the crack journalists at CNN are determined to make Carson out to be a liar. They insist that they’ve spoken to people who knew Carson as a kid, and none of them remember him being particularly ill-tempered. They are, in other words, trying to prove that none of this actually happened. That Carson is now, and always has been, a nice guy.

What a scandal!

So now Carson is in the strange position of defending his stories. I really was a bad kid, guys! Believe me, I was rotten!

This is just too weird.

“‎Why would anybody know about private incidents like that?” Carson asked a CNN reporter. “You know, I was generally a nice person, it’s just that I had a very bad temper. So unless you were the victim of that temper, why would you know? Just because you happened to know me? That doesn’t make any sense.”

So let’s get this straight. Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for putting the nation’s highest secrets at risk for personal convenience, but CNN wants to warn the public that Ben Carson wasn’t really as angry as he claims? Is this real life?

Of course, it makes sense when you think about it. Carson is drawing supporters largely because they see him as a man of wisdom and integrity. A man of character and principle. If the liberal media wants to tear him down, they’re going to have to start by throwing doubts on that perception. It would be a waste of time to take that approach to Clinton, even if they were so inclined. The American public isn’t under any delusions about Hillary’s character.

But if the best they’ve got on Carson is that he didn’t really try to stab someone, they’re in real trouble.

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